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Shell Rimula Super

Shell Rimula Super is a premium protection, long-life heavy duty diesel engine oil, for severe duty and low emission heavy duty diesel engines:

  • New formulation for improved protection for Euro 3 and Euro 4 engines (ACEA E7)
    Now exceeds latest industry & OEM standards(API CI-4, Volvo VDS-3)
    Suitable choice for long-haul and mixed vehicle fleets
    Improved oil life, wear protection and soot-dispersancy

As our global, premium quality, heavy-duty diesel engine oil we are committed to ensuring that Rimula Super continues to deliver the outstanding protection our customers demand. New engine technology introduced to meet US 2002 and Euro 3 and 4 emissions legislation increases the stress on the engine oil in several important ways:

  • Higher contamination by soot _ wear and oil thickening
    Higher contamination by fuel _ bearing corrosion & wear
    More combustion acids from use of exhaust gas recirculation _ corrosion & short oil life
    Use of oil as a hydraulic fluid in the fuel injection system _ Needs superior anti-foam performance
    Smaller oil sumps to reduce weight _ Less oil to protect the engine

Improved wear protection in the lab: Compated to earlier generation oils, Rimula Super provides improved wear even in severe EGR equipped engines as shown in the latest ACEA E5 and E7 engine tests:

  • Protection against top-ring wear has been improved by up to 20%
    New formulation Rimula Super exceeds the ACEA E5 limit for ring wear by up to 30%
    Ensuring premium protection for all engines including the latest low emission and severe duty engines

Improved protection on the road: We don’t just test in the lab; using Shell’s worldwide resources we are able to tests engine oils in many ways that other companies cannot match. Rimula Super has been developed and evaluated in some of the most extreme conditions, for instance, hauling up to 100 tonnes in temperatures up to 40°C in Australian road trains, Rimula Super demonstrated improvements in wear control of up to 30% in this operation versus previous generation oils, and up to 15% versus previous generation Rimula Super.

Global leadership

Rimula Super exceeds the latest specification from Europe (ACEA E-7), Japan (DH-1) and the USA (CI-4) and  "Global DHD-1" performance defined by the world's leading engine makers.

Shell Rimula Super 15W-40

Premium protection, heavy-duty diesel engine oil, for low emission, high performance engines.

Shell Rimula X

One of Shell’s best selling oils, Rimula X has long been seen as a leader in versatility delivering rugged performance in a wide range of applications. To keep up with the changing needs of our customers, many of which are now using more modern engines, or both European and American engines within one fleet, we have further improved Rimula X to provide even better engine protection. Recognising the wide range of applications, we have extensively demonstrated this improved performance with customers around the world, with over 15 million kilometres of actual field service.

Shell Rimula X provides versatile, heavy duty protection for on-and-off-highway applications:

  • Improved performance in American and European engines from Cummins and Mack
    Better protection and longer oil drain intervals
    Proven performance on- and off-highway, now with a longer oil life even under severe conditions, or with elevated temperatures
    Increased range of OEM endorsements
    Suitable for a wide range of trucks, buses, tractors and construction equipment
    Now meeting ACEA E5 performance levels

Reduced wear

Rimula X keeps you on the road for longer with excellent protection against wear, even with aged and sooty oil. With over 15 million km of documented on- and off-highway experience, Rimula X will help to protect your engine and deliver longer engine life.
Better lubrication and less sludging

Rimula X offers excellent lubrication in a wide range of climates, providing extra safety margins at low temperatures. The new formulation resists breakdown by heat. Our new additive chemistry is designed to ensure ideal lubrication throughout the drain, minimising sludging and controlling the higher soot levels characteristic of modern, low emission engines.

Shell Rimula D

Shell Rimula D Extra Multigrades

Rimula D Extra is a high quality, entry-level multigrade diesel engine oil that offers the user the benefits of a modern formulation that is able to cope with the stresses of turbocharged engine operation, combined with fuel efficiency, engine cleanliness and lower oil consumption associated with use of multigrades over mono-grades.

The performance of Rimula D Extra multigrades is backed by the approvals of leading OEMs such as Mercedes-Benz, MAN and Volvo.

Rimula D Multigrade and Monograde

Rimula D oils provide consistent performance, without the additional costs of the extensive approvals associated with high specification oils.

Rimula D Multigrade

Suitable for use in American and European normally aspirated, lightly turbocharged, heavy duty engines where short to normal oil drain intervals are maintained, Rimula D Multigrade meets the performance requirements of turbocharged engines and exceeds the CF-4 performance*.

  * Performance levels may vary by country

Cost effective

With its new additive and formulation technology, Rimula D multigrade brings truck companies and operators the cost-control benefits and performance of a quality multi-grade oil at a keen price.

Rimula D Monograde

Rimula D Monograde is suitable for a wide range of less demanding engine service, including use in most non-turbocharged engines and in stationary applications such as pumps or small generator sets with intermittent operation.
This oil provides the basic level of industry standard protection (API CF) required by older and less sophisticated engine designs. For more modern or turbocharged engines in heavy duty applications we recommend use of multigrade oils such as Rimula D Extra or  Rimula X for improved reliability and efficiency.
Assured Quality

Like all other oils manufactured by Shell, Rimula D monograde complies to both Shell's internal quality standards and the independently assessed and accredited ISO 9002 international quality standard.
Cost Competitive

For engines with high oil consumption or for intermittent use, Rimula D monograde offers the cost competitive solution for engine lubrication.