What is Improved Performance?

Shell V-Power fuels contain a powerful cleaning technology, developed to help enhance everyday driving performance and responsiveness. These cleaning components are designed to prevent the build-up of power-robbing inlet valve deposits and to help remove any that have been left behind by other fuels. This turns the engine more freely, helping your engine to breathe easily, and aids in the transfer of energy from the fuel to the wheels more efficiently.

The Passion Behind Shell V-Power

Only dedicated scientists and the best drivers can make a fuel this impressive.

Shell V-Power Unleaded

Shell V-Power is a high performance gasoline fuel designed to help your car achieve its performance potential, whatever you drive. In fact, Shell V-Power race fuel and road fuels are so similar that you could fill up a Scuderia Ferrari Formula One" car with the formula we sell at our service stations.

This is clearly no ordinary fuel. The inclusion of Friction Modification Technology (FMT) is designed to further enhance engine efficiency by releasing power that would otherwise be wasted in fighting friction.

Shell V-Power Unleaded is also designed to improve engine responsiveness from the moment you fill your tank and offer continued performance improvements with consistent use. The potent cleaning power helps restore dirty engines and maintain clean engines in top condition helping achieve optimum performance.

Shell V-Power vs. Shell Fuel Economy

Shell V-Power fuels are designed to improve performance in any car you drive. Potent cleaning agents formulated to clean your engine of power-robbing inlet valve deposits and help maintain optimum performance.

The Shell Fuel Economy Formula available in our Unleaded 92 fuel is designed to help improve fuel economy by reducing energy losses. Formulated to prevent the build-up of deposits in the engine, leaving more of the fuel's energy to power the wheels, providing you with improved fuel efficiency.*

*Based on test using fuel without additives and may vary by vehicle.

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Shell V-Power

Explore a world dedicated to Shell's performance enhancing fuels. Drive through Hawaii, hear Ferrari engines roar and even watch a plane refuel an Formula One car.

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