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Press Release

Shell Expands its Fuels Retail Business Network in Indonesia (English)

Shell Opens Its First Fuels Retail Outlet in East Java

Shell Indonesia passes through an important milestone as it officially opens East Java’s first internationally-branded fuel retail outlet on Jl. Letjen S. Parman (Raya Waru) No. 1, Sidoarjo. This follows other 35 Shell fuel stations located in the Greater Jakarta area. The opening of this new outlet outside of Greater Jakarta area marks Shell’s expansion in the Indonesian market and will enable motorist in the Sidoarjo and Surabaya area, to enjoy high-quality fuel products and services.

Darwin Silalahi, Country Chairman and President Director, PT Shell Indonesia, said, “We are delighted to finally inaugurate Shell’s first fuels retail outlet in East Java. This will be the first of a planned series of retail outlets to be operated in the region. Shell is the world’s undisputed leader in fuels technology, and we are keen to share our quality offerings with the Indonesian customer.  Indonesia is a key strategic market for Shell in the Asia Pacific region and we have a long-term plan to invest in Indonesia in the energy sector, including the fuels retail business.”

Sammy de Guzman, General Manager Retail Sales and Operations, PT Shell Indonesia, said, “Opening a fuels retail outlet in East Java is a key part of our strategy to become the leading international oil player in the fuel retail business in Indonesia.  We are confident that motorists in this city will enjoy the high quality products and services offered. We look forward to the creation of a level playing field for all licensed players in the fuels retail business that will bring forth further investments, create healthy competition and raise industry standards in the market that will ultimately benefit the consumers.”

Shell offers Shell Super and Shell Super Extra gasoline, with octane levels of 92 and 95 respectively, and Shell Diesel. Shell Diesel is recommended for all types of diesel vehicles and keeps the engine clean and free from deposits, while Shell Super Extra is specially formulated to provide more power for the engine, while keeping it clean. The Shell fuels retail outlet in Sidoarjo is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has modern, fast flowing pumps which provide a digitally printed receipt to assure customers they receive the correct quantity, and a convenience store.

Shell ensures that its fuels retail business operation is not harmful to the environment and the community where it operates by setting new environmentally- friendly standards in the industry.  At all of their sites, Shell has implemented:

· Double-walled fiberglass-reinforced underground tanks and double-walled plastic pipelines to prevent corrosion and leaks.
· An improved leak detection system for underground tanks and tank vapor recovery system to prevent harmful discharge of hydrocarbons into environment. 
· Automatic tank gauging to manage inventory electronically. 
· A wet stock management program that helps retail operators to control and monitor stocks and detects unusual system losses and leakage into ground.

With all these offerings, Shell expects to be able to provide significant contribution and benefit to motorists and the community in East Java. This is in line with Shell’s global strategy in maintaining its reputation as a leading company in the world’s oil and gas industry.

For more information, please contact:

Fathia Syarif
Manager - Media Relations, External Affairs & Communications
PT Shell Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 7592 4700
Fax: +62 21 7592 4679