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Shell Celebrates Five Years as World Number One Lubricants Supplier

Shell Lubricants has topped the list of the world’s leading lubricants suppliers for the fifth year running, according to new research into the global lubricants market.

The research, conducted by Kline & Company* gives Shell more than 13% of the market by volume in 2010 and a two per cent lead over its nearest competitor.

Dr. Johari Jalil, GM Commercial Fuel and Lubricants Shell Indonesia, said: “Five years at the top is a remarkable achievement. It shows that our consistent strategy of focusing on leading technology and strong customer relationships has served us well. Shell has more than 200 research and development staff working in lubricants technology, more than 300 front line technical advisers and over 1000 sales professionals, all tasked with providing competitive solutions for our customers. Without question, their success is central to our continued growth and brand leadership.”

As well as maintaining its leadership position in 2010 on an overall volume basis, Shell also leads in the branded lubricants category. Johari said, Shell’s distinctive approach to selling lubricants through distributors was paying dividends: “In 2010 we more than doubled average global distributor volumes compared to 2009.”

Global demand for lubricants as a whole grew by around 6% over 2009 – indicating a slight recovery from recession. According to Kline, the Asia-Pacific region continued to show the most robust volume growth in 2010, benefiting from the shift in automotive production. Shell achieved strong volume growth in China, maintaining its lead as the top international supplier.

Kline also names Asia Pacific as the leading region in terms of volume (accounting for 43% of global demand), with Shell as market leader among multinationals in the region. China Japan, India and South Korea are the leading markets in the region (in terms of demand) followed by Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Pakistan.

Indonesia is named in the report by Kline as one of the major countries driving growth. It predicts that the lubricants market in Indonesia is set to grow by around 6% over the period 2010 – 2020.

Looking ahead, Kline forecast slow growth for the market as a whole but identified opportunities at country and product level. The strongest growth is predicted to come from the BRIC (Brazil, Rusia, India and China) countries plus South Korea, with China as “the growth engine” of the industry. Demand for lubricants in China is projected to grow by 5% between 2010 and 2020. Over the same period, Kline predicts that lubricant demand in India will grow at between 3% and 5%.

The annual research study also highlighted increasing demand for synthetic lubricants which help end users improve energy efficiency and prolong equipment life.

*Kline & Company is a worldwide consulting and research firm. All data in this media release has been sourced from Kline & Company’s report “Global Lubricants Industry 2010: Market Analysis and Assessment”, unless otherwise stated.

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About Shell Lubricants

The term “Shell Lubricants” collectively refers to Shell Group companies engaged in the lubricants business. They manufacture and blend products for use in a range of applications, from consumer motoring to mining and power generation to commercial transport. Shell’s portfolio of lubricant brands includes Pennzoil®, Quaker State®, Shell Rotella T, Shell Helix, Shell Rimula, Shell Tellus, Monarch, a portfolio of car care products and Jiffy Lube®. Shell has leading lubricants research centres in Germany, China, Japan (joint venture with Showa Shell), UK, and USA.