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Shell Indonesia’s commitment to sustainable development includes recognition of our corporate social responsibility. The main objective is to contribute towards the development and well being of society through a variety of social and community care programmes.

Safety education is of primary importance in Indonesia,which suffers high incidence of road accidents. is considered one of the major educational tools in road safety awareness for the young.

In the world, it is estimated around 1,2 million lives were lost every year due to traffic accidents, reported in World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention by WHO (World Health Organisation). In the next 20 years, the figures is estimated to increase by 65%, if no real action taken to prevent them. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, every year it is recorded that 30,000 lives were lost due to traffic accidents. Traffic accident is the third cause of death – after heart problem and stroke.

“Road Safety: Think Safety, Act Safely” program is part of targeting elementary school children with to give awareness of the importance of road safety and security in the streets since early age.

In general, this program is intended to increase people’s awareness and traffic ethics and reduce traffic accidents figures and other effects. This project has also provided an opportunity for Shell to establish a smart partnership with National Traffic Police & Saka Bhayangkara Traffic Park in Cibubur. 

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