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Ducati Corse has won the World Superbike championship five times since joining forces with Shell Advance in 1999. This successful relationship has also helped Ducati win its 13th manufacturers’ title and enabled its bikes to compete in more than 300 World Superbike and MotoGP races without an oil-related failure.

Shell’s lubricants specialists develop dedicated oils for Ducati Corse and other racing teams. The ability to test oil to the limits in a racing environment helps Shell to develop oils that meet the demands of today’s bikes.

“Shell Advance and Ducati Corse are at the forefront of motorbike science, and the development never stops”.

Claudio Domenicali, Managing Director, Ducati Corse

Ducati Corse is at the forefront of motorbike science and needs lubricants that are based on the most advanced technology. The success in World Superbikes has highlighted how Shell Advance helps Ducati get the most out of its bikes. In addition, the innovative Desmosedici 16-valve, twin-pulse engine is the highest revving and, probably, the most powerful bike in MotoGP today. Shell Advance has developed lubricants especially for this extreme engine.

Like all motorbike racing teams, Ducati Corse changes engines between races, but is naturally keen to minimise costs by reusing all the components that are not damaged by fatigue at the end of each race. Shell Advance helps the team to get the most from its bikes for longer by protecting the camshaft, the gearbox and other essential elements so that they can last for the whole season.

Shell Advance technology helps Ducati Corse get more power, better fuel consumption and excellent reliability from its bikes. You can get the same.

Use Shell LubeMatch to find the right oil to help clean and protect your engine.