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Our Products

In Commercial Fuels, we are committed to supplying our customers with fuel products that consistently meet our promises on quality and performance, and to the responsible management of the health, safety and environmental impacts of fuel products and components over their life-cycle and across the supply chain.

Transport Fuels

In today's highly competitive transportation market, choosing a reliable and high quality fuel supplier is critical.

Industrial Fuels

To power your industrial operations, choose our premium fuel oils for improved efficiency and lower emissions.

Bahan Bakar Nabati

Shell telah mendistribusikan bahan bakar nabati (BBN, biofuels) selama lebih dari 30 tahun, dan kini menjadi distributor terbesar BBN untuk transportasi terutama di Amerika Serikat, Brazil, dan Eropa.

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Assurance that our products meet stringent Health, Safety and Environmental standards.
Over many years Shell Marine Products has established an unrivalled supply chain for marine fuels and lubricants
Shell manufactures a full range of motor oils to meet the individual requirements of all our customers. Learn about the different brands to help choose the one that is perfect for your car or machinery.