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Energy Efficiency

Together with our customers, we are looking for innovative solutions to turn the energy challenge into competitive advantage.

Our Energy Efficiency service can help you optimise the energy consumption of your industrial operations and reduce costs, CO2 and other emissions.

We have developed our Energy Efficiency service to assist you in measuring, managing and improving the way you use energy commercially and to help you achieve tangible savings in energy consumption. We can offer our expertise to identify, evaluate and exploit savings opportunities. We look at the full spectrum of energy management - from optimising utilities and maximising heat recovery to analysing specific energy consumption to identify key energy control levers.

Our approach is a three-step process for generating energy savings while optimising energy consumption:

Step 1: Gap Analysis – a high-level data analysis of your operations to understand current energy consumption patterns. We identify improvement opportunities, comparing consumption against benchmarks and evaluating variances to assess potential savings.

Step 2: Energy Efficiency Assessment – a more detailed analysis, including on-site assessment. We shortlist and recommend specific areas for improvement, identifying the key contributing factors that cause the efficiency gaps in your energy performance, and we highlight where savings can be achieved.

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To power your industrial operations, choose our premium fuel oils for improved efficiency and lower emissions.
Never before has humanity faced such a challenging outlook for energy and the planet. This can be summed up in five words: “more energy, less carbon dioxide”.