• Shell in Indonesia carries out its business activities in the upstream and downstream sectors.
  • In the downstream sector, Shell's business activities include petroleum, lubricants for industry, automotive and transportation, fuel for the marine/shipping industry, commercial fuel, and bitumen.
  • In the upstream sector, Shell is a strategic partner of Inpex, the operator of the Masela PSC which includes the Abadi gas field.

Shell presents world-class lubricants plant in Marunda

From time to time, the market demand for lubricants In Indonesia is always increasing. The Lubricants Oil Blending Plant has been operating since 2015 in Marunda, Bekasi to meet market needs and as an investment for Shell Indonesia.

When it was first established, this lubricant plant that was purely “Made in Indonesia”, already had a capacity of 136 million liters per year. But, it doesn't stop there. In 2020, Shell Indonesia expanded its factory to 9 hectares to double its production capacity to 300 million liters of lubricant products per year. This development is not only to meet the growing demand for the domestic lubricant market, but to also contribute to the development of the downstream industry in Indonesia.

The superiority of Shell lubricants lies not only in the large capacity that can meet market needs, but Shell lubricants have also obtained the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certification. This makes Shell the first international company to receive this certification.

There are 3 superior products produced by Shell lubricant factories, which are:

  • Argina: lubricant for medium-speed diesel engines,
  • Rimula: lubricants for heavy-duty diesel engines, and
  • Tellus: lubricant for hydraulic equipment.

These three products have received certification from the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. This shows the company's leadership in complying with domestic regulations by fulfilling the content of the Domestic Component Level set by the government.

LOBP Marunda

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Shell Indonesia’s lubricant factory is now producing lubricants for the shipping industry.

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