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Lubricants designed to increase productivity through enhanced efficiency, protection, and oil and equipment life

Designed to improve profitability

One break in a production line can shut down your whole operation. At Shell Lubricants, we appreciate that being competitive in the global manufacturing market means meeting deadlines and constantly striving to increase production, reduce downtime, and maintain product quality. Choosing the suitable lubricants and the services related to your needs can help to make a real difference to your entire operation.

Our international team developed, researched, and supported technology-leading industrial lubricants which can help you to reduce your process and equipment-ownership costs by providing:

  • enhanced protection
  • extended oil and equipment life
  • improved efficiency.

Understanding your needs

We understand the crucial roles that lubricants play in your facility because we support thousands of different manufacturing businesses, Whether you want to extend the life of your equipment or increase the productivity of your assembly line, we have a wide range of oils and greases to choose from.

Our international network of experts can work with you to design a package of products and services that will meet your specific needs and help to increase your profitability. Not only do we supply an extensive range of lubricants, we also aim to help you to:

  • choose the right products
  • store and apply your lubricants correctly
  • achieve continuous improvement through equipment and process performance monitoring.

Lubricants – small cost, big impact

Buying low-quality lubricants can be a false economy. Lubricant costs can be as little as 5% of the total ownership costs. We focus on providing performance products that can help to reduce maintenance requirements and energy use, and services that are designed to improve maintenance and business practices, and thus lower your overall costs.

Delivering value

By designing the suitable lubricants and services for your requirements, we can help you to sreduce your total operating and equipmentownership costs. For example, using high-quality, appropriate lubricants and services correctly can lower your operational and maintenance costs significantly, and extend the life of your equipment.

Locally supported international products and services

We have a global organisation with experts in the lubrication of critical equipment based across the world. This means that we can deliver consistent-quality products wherever you operate, for example: oils and greases for manufacturing production processes; initial-fill lubricants for pumps, gearboxes, compressors, bearings, hydraulic systems and other industrial equipment.

Our experts can work with you to analyse your needs and help solve your problems. They can provide and help to implement a lubrication plan designed to unlock your manufacturing potential. We offer a wide range of lubricant-related services to help you maximise the positive impact of lubricants on your operation. These services can include lubricant surveys and recommendations, inventory management, health and safety advice, and staff training.

For example, the Shell LubeAnalyst oil condition monitoring service can be a vital tool in extending your equipment life. These health check for lubricants and machinery are designed to reduce costs and add value by identify potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical; extend lubricant life, thus reducing change-out downtimes and procurement costs; and reduce risks and contributing to safe and reliable operations.

Technology working for you

The development and application of innovative technology sit at the heart of everything we do at Shell. We invest in cutting-edge laboratories in Asia, Europe, and the USA and recruit top-class scientists.

They are the people who develop products that make a difference to your business, even under the most challenging conditions. From the Panama Canal and the Airbus A380 to Ferrari, what we learn in our collaborations, we use to create lubricant solutions to fulfill your business needs.

And we do not just have some of the best lubricants. We also have some of the world’s leading field experts working with customers every day to apply these solutions. The result? Technology that delivers value to your operation.

Energy efficiency: Energy costs are high, and many manufacturers want to increase profitability by reducing electricity use. That is why we have developed a range of synthetic lubricants designed to help your equipment operate more efficiently. For example, Shell Tellus S4 ME can help improve hydraulic systems’ energy efficiency. In a carefully controlled test cycle, one injection moulding equipment maker measured energy savings of up to 6.4%1 in the hydraulic systems in which Shell Tellus S4 ME was used.

Extended oil life: Minimising maintenance downtime is a common goal in manufacturing. Many of our customers benefit from keeping their equipment running efficiently for longer by using our high-quality synthetic lubricants and services. For example, one manufacturer reported that it has doubled its air-compressor oil-drain interval and halved its oil consumption by using Shell Corena S4 R oil with the Shell LubeAnalyst service, which is saving more than $12,0002 annually per compressor.

Working with industry

Because lubricants are critical machine components, we work with equipment manufacturers to make sure that our products help to enhance machine efficiency and offer increased protection and extended oil and equipment life. We have long relationships with the leading equipment manufacturers. Many of these companies supply their equipment containing a Shell lubricant as an essential machine component.

We have over 3,000 recommendations or approvals across our product range from equipment manufacturers, including endorsements from ABB, Bonfiglioli, Bosch/Bosch Rexroth, DMG, Eaton (Vickers), Mazak, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Parker Hannifin, SEW-Eurodrive, Schaeffler, SKF, Textron, Timken, Voith. We support the development of new industry performance specifications by working with international organisations such as AGMA, ASTM, DIN, ISO.

Greater productivity for your facility

Over many years of working with the world’s leading manufacturers, our lubricants experts have developed a deep understanding of your business challenges. We can use our knowledge and experience to create a lubricant plan for your business and tailor our technology leading products and services for your needs. Challenge us to demonstrate how we can add value to your facility by contacting your local Shell Lubricants customer service centre.

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