All Shell products are supplied from Shell trading network and Shell Refineries around the region which are the largest and most sophisticated Shell refineries in the world.

With robust and stringent delivery infrastructure, strategic partnership and strict quality assurance processes, our fuels delivered directly to Shell distribution network.

Our dedicated Sales Team with specialized global support and our wide network of Shell Resellers are here to meet your needs and ensure you always enjoy smooth and efficient operations.

With Shell, you are much more than a customer, you're also at the centre of an extensive support network, with a team or professional and dedicated staff working to ensure you always enjoy smooth and efficient operations. Here at Shell, we're proud to be one of the powers behind your success.

Key facts about us:

  • We supply quality products that are fit for purpose and meet health, safety and environmental requirements
  • Our supply and distribution support deliveries by both road tankers and by barges to remote locations across Indonesia

We invest continually in Research and Development and work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to enhance our range of fuels to address the growing energy and environmental challenges facing businesses today.

More in Shell Commercial Fuels

Our Products

In Commercial Fuels, we are committed to supplying our customers with fuel products that consistently meet our promises on quality and performance.

Our Services

We aim to be your fuels supplier of choice, providing reliable advice and support to help you run your business more efficiently.