Shell's experience and investment in biofuel technology has helped to move the development of biofuels forward. Shell works with a range of stakeholders in government, industry and the community to explore a variety of options to provide transportation fuels that meet society’s needs in a sustainable way. The current generation of bioesters, derived from food crops, represents one of the options, but it is by no means a complete answer.

Shell is already working with others to develop the next generation of biofuels that will utilize waste materials as feedstock in place of edible oils.

The Indonesian government has mandated biofuel for Transport sector, including the mining sector. Biodiesel is introduced by the government to promote biofuels, with the aims to reduce overall CO2 emissions, reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, enhance energy supply security and to support the agriculture industry within the country.


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Biofuels offer a low carbon, sustainable alternative to conventional gasoline and diesel in the short term and could play a key role in the medium to longer term, safeguarding the environment and delivering benefits to communities and society.

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