PT Wavin, a manufacturing company in Indonesia and a Shell customer for industrial lubricants, tested the quality of Shell fuel products on one of its six CAT series 3500 generators. With help from Shell technical experts and tools like Shell VideoCheck, PT Wavin tracked the impact on its operations from using regular diesel fuel from Shell.

The results were impressive:

  • Filter changes extended from every 14 days to every 20 days
  • Reduced frequency and cost of injector replacement and engine overhauls
  • As a result, less production downtime and lower maintenance costs

In total, the test showed a cost saving of over US$44,000. PT Wavin was able to see that using Shell fuel in all generators would make financial sense. In addition, using fuel with consistently good quality could mean fewer equipment breakdowns and more reliable operations – important factors for smooth and efficient production process for many industrial companies.

Case study of PT Wavin

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