I had the opportunity to experience the Territory Manager (TM) exchange programme for 2 years in Malaysia early in my career, where I learned about the dynamics of a mature market. In Malaysia, I managed the size of the full Retail network in Indonesia at that time (30 sites), and was entrusted to co-lead a nationwide project. Another stretch assignment was becoming an Engineering Manager and overseeing construction of 15 petrol stations per year, and successfully improving the performance of contractors (with no Engineering background, whatsoever!).

Now being the Retail District Manager means I’m responsible for all Shell petrol stations in Indonesia. My excitement at work comes from interacting with so many different people – not just the petrol station retailers and their teams, but also our end customers.

I found my real purpose at work soon as I had my own team. I realised everyone has a dream they want to achieve and I could help facilitate that. I have regular coaching sessions with the team to understand what they have achieved, what they want to improve and any challenges they are facing. We also have sessions where I work with the team to identify their strengths and development areas. I get that ‘proud mama’ feeling whenever my team are recognised or get promoted. I feel our efforts have paid off every time.

Outside work, I love to travel and enjoy new experiences. My family and friends are great travel companions!

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