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Shell Indonesia introduces the ‘Clean Inside Wave Two’, a powerful new advertising campaign by Shell Helix as part of its global program. To mark the launch, Shell introduces the “Crystal Car” television commercial, which demonstrates with crystal clarity how Shell Helix can cleanse a surface with the unique Active Cleansing Technology, and its ability to protect a vehicle’s engine. This is a continuation from the first campaign that was launched two years ago.

Darwin Silalahi, President Director and Country Chairman PT. Shell Indonesia, said, “This milestone global program was developed with Indonesia as one of only five markets in the world where the campaign was tested. These five important markets are the BRIIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia and China. This demonstrates how significant Indonesia is for Shell lubricants.”

Min Yih Tan, Shell’s South Asia Cluster Lubricants General Manager, said, “Shell understands that a clean engine is essential. Shell’s technology, marketing and supply partnerships with customers give us first-hand insight into their real issues, helping us develop products and services which answer the toughest global automotive challenges.”

Over the years, Shell has been investing heavily on research and development. And through our technical partnership with Ferrari, we have developed an advanced lubricant product, which is the Shell Helix Ultra.

“And if you could see the inside of your engine running on Shell Helix Ultra, you will see its Active Cleansing Technology continuously cleansing and protecting your engine. Shell Helix Active Cleansing agents prevent dirt particles sticking together to form. They keep your car engines run smoothly and more effectively, enabling the best performance you can see,” added Min Yih.

Shell’s track record in lubricants innovation, stretching back more than 60 years, affords the company a deep understanding of the operation and lubrication needs of engines. Building on this proven heritage, Shell continues to employ leading edge technology to develop lubricant products that deliver protection to modern engines.

Technical cooperation between Shell, Ferrari and Ducati has resulted in the high quality lubricant products we offer our customers. Shell offers a variety of lubricant products for various engine requirements, such as; Shell Helix series for car engines, Shell Helix HX3, Shell Helix HX5, Shell Helix HX7, Shell Helix HX7 E Shell Helix Ultra and Shell Helix Ultra E. Shell Advance series for motorcycle engines are Shell Advance SX2, Shell Advance VSX 2, Shell Advance S 4 and Shell Advance Ultra also Shell Rimula series for diesel engines, Shell Rimula R3X 15W-40, Shell Rimula R2 Extra 15W-40, Shell Rimula R2 40.

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