The festival, which showcased various competitions with the theme of environment preservation, was attended by Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini and participated by 700 head of families at Panjang Jiwo village. The launch of SUPEL at Panjang Jiwo was conducted in June this year with the theme of PANJI KAMI (Panjang Jiwo, Beautiful Village, Independent and Inspirational). This activity is a sustainable partnership programme between Shell, Panjang Jiwo residents, Surabaya City Government and Pusdakota Surabaya University. The “Community Festival” activities includes mural competition (writing inspirational messages on environment through wall mural), compost-making, recycling of non-organic waste to make trash bins for cars and clean village competition.

Wally SalehVP Director Business DevelopmentPT Shell Indonesia  stated, “Shell has a strong commitment to support Surabaya in embodying clean, beautiful, healthy and productive culture. We hope that the SUPEL programme which is supported by various parties can become a foundation and pilot programme which can be implemented to realise this vision.”

The programme started off with a dissemination activities and community response inventory. This cooperation programme kick-off between Shell, Pusdakota and the community was first publicised at the peak commemoration of Environmental Day 13 June 2010 through a healthy walk and the signing of a joint initiative. These steps are the basis for the creation of an eco-friendly model village.

With this programme, it is expected that the spirit of PANJI KAMI to be embedded. Beautiful Village with clean, green and healthy environment, Independent Village with high levels of self-help and community participation, Inspirational Village with new role models, leadership and management of many innovations that will impact other communities to do the same activity as Panjang Jiwo community.

This event includes around 250 participants from various parties consisting of citizens, leadership-related offices, educational institutions, corporations, environmental cadres, health cadres and youth. The Surabaya City Government and Ministry of Environment also attended the event. A number of activities to be held are: hiking, eco-friendly technology exhibitions, various competitions, community service and the signing of a joint initiative between Shell, Surabaya City Government and community in realising PANJI KAMI.

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