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PT Shell Indonesia presents “Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards 2011” to ten young, start-up entrepreneurs. They have been selected from among 241 young people, age 18-32 years old, who each has develop businesses located in Greater Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java and Bali.

The participants’ businesses are widely varied, from fashion business, beauty products, education products, house appliances, to food and beverages. One of the winners from greater Jakarta area, for example, innovate a sleeping bag completed with accessories. The usage of the product, branded as “GoDream”, is not limited to out-door activities enthusiasts, but also for families, noted by its unique and creative designs. Another noted product is “Hanaroo Baby Wrap”, a winner from West Java area. These products show that creativity in business is not limited in the food and beverage category –seen as the most common starting point for novice entrepreneurs.

These young entrepreneurs, though somewhat hindered by financial capacities, never run out of ideas in promoting their products. They show the same innovative, creative spirit by using modern information technology in developing products and markets. The participants of BSA 2011 use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! Messenger and websites. Ivan Kurniawan from West Java, for example, promotes his “Lazuli Sarae” batik-denim product via the above mentioned channels and is successful in capturing customers.

“Start-up entrepreneurs like them need our support so that later they can be tough, leading business players in the middle segment. We believe that the synergy shown by multiple parties today have encouraged our young people to be Indonesia’s economy’s backbone in the future,” said Darwin Silalahi President Director and Country Chairman PT Shell Indonesia.

Darwin also said that more young entrepreneurs were needed to strengthen the stability of national economy condition, on the face of free trade era in 2015. The contribution of micro-scale businesses in rescuing and recuperating Indonesia’s economy after crises is apparent. Through Shell LiveWIRE program, Shell wishes to extend positive contribution and to have a role in sustaining economic stability, by motivating young people to go forward with entrepreneurship and promoting it as alternative to already established careers.

Shell LiveWIRE program focuses on several aspects: Entrepreneurship, Business Situation and Future Planning. For Entrepreneurship, the indicators include: business ideas, innovation, purpose and personal motivation. Meanwhile, indicators for business situation include: operational performance such as efficiency, sales and marketing, finances, human resources, technology and intellectual rights. Lastly, future planning includes the following indicators: long-term objectives, strategic planning and opportunity for business development.

Ten winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2011 will be entitled to Rp. 20 million prize money for each business. Winners will also be entitled to training, business consultation and media publications.

Until today, as part of Shell International social program, Shell LiveWIRE has been applied in 25 countries and has helped developing more than 2,800 start-up businesses, while at the same time creating work for 8,900 people. Since first initiated in Scotland in 1982, the program has contributed to the lives of 1.3 million young people – developing ideas and businesses through the dissemination of information, advice and support.

In Indonesia, Shell LiveWIRE is part of Shell’s social investment program that has been commencing since 2003. The program’s core spirit is to promote entrepreneurship among Indonesian youths, to help develop their businesses as well as to acknowledge their efforts and the businesses they have built. From 2003 to 2011, there have been more than 5,000 young people participating in Shell LiveWIRE training program. Meanwhile, a total of 2,645 young entrepreneurs from Java and Bali have applied to join the Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards competition since the competition first ran in 2006.

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