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Shell’s presence in the fuel retail station business since 2005 has earned acknowledgement in the Indonesian market. This is proven from the fast expansion of Shell fuel retail stations during the past six years. Starting from the development of a strong network in Jabodetabek, Shell then continued its market penetration to East Java. To date, Shell operates 52 fuel retail stations including 45 stations in Jabodetabek, and seven stations in Surabaya and Sidoardjo, East Java.

Shell's business expansion to East Java is part of the company’s strategy to work on the second largest market in the Java Island. Based on data from the Indonesian Bureau of Statistics, in the second quarter of 2011, East Java contributed 14.8 percent towards the Indonesian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and positioned itself as the second province in Java Island that has the largest contribution to the Indonesian GDP after DKI Jakarta. Surabaya itself is a major trade gateway in the eastern part of Indonesia and is also the second largest city after Jakarta that exhibits massive economic potential and the largest contributor to economic growth in East Java Province.

“Shell is optimistic of developing its fuel retail station business in Surabaya. We want to be present at strategic locations and become easily accessible so that people could have access to qualified fuel while enabling us to improve services, and develop innovative technologies to maintain the product quality of Shell fuels." said Armita Indradini, Retail District Manager Shell Indonesia during a media visit to the Shell fuel retail station on Jalan Ahmad Yani 36-38, Surabaya – East Java, November 9, 2011.

In delivering services to customers, Shell applies the QQS standard that stands for Quality, Quantity, and Service.

  • Quality: Shell always assures the high quality of its products that comply with international quality standards. The three fuel products, which are Shell Super (octane 92), Shell Super Extra (octane 95) and Shell Diesel help to keep the engine clean and running smooth, as well as reduce fuel consumption.
  • Quantity: Shell ensures that refueling at Shell fuel retail stations are done in transparant manner. Shell equips its fuel retail stations with accurate and high-speed petrol pumps, while providing printed receipts for customers to see the total amount of fuel they purchased.
  • Service: Shell provides convenient refueling experience to customers through easy and safe access in and out of the station as well as offering various service facilities including free service for air filled tire, free windshield cleaning service and also a modern C-store by Circle K.

In addition to service standards, Shell also applies a standard for health, safety and security (HSSE/ Health Safety Security and Environment) in its fuel retail station areas. This is to ensure that all staffs and customers are convenient and safe when they are in the Shell fuel retail station area. These health, safety and security standards are implemented to support the company’s target to achieve “Zero Accident” in Shell fuel retail station activities.

Moreover, Armita said that in the current business model, Shell invests in the station assets while the qualified Retailer independently operates the business on behalf of the company. This means that Shell provides greater opportunities for Indonesian entrepreneurs who wish to be Shell’s partner in developing its fuel retail station business. Shell will provide location, products, knowledge and training to ensure that the service given meets Shell’s standards.

“Shell’s business partners will recruit potential employees in surrounding fuel retail stations and will be given training on products, services and knowledge of HSSE standards. This is one of Shell’s contributions to the development of the community near the business operation,” added Armita.

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