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Shell Indonesia today announced the launch of the Company’s new Shell Advance 4T range of motorcycle oils.

The number of motorcycle in Indonesia shows a significant growth from year to year. Learning from this, Shell is committed to continually strengthen its lubricant business in Indonesia by having constant innovations through its range of products, particularly the Shell Advance. Indonesia has become one of the promising markets for Shell lubricant business, where the profit growth in 2010 reached 26% if compared to 2009.

The new Shell Advance 4T range now features the newly-developed RCE Technology designed to deliver reliable oil performance by helping to remove deposits and maintain viscosity for better protection; better control via smoother gear changes and slippage prevention; and a more enjoyable ride by reducing vibration and engine noise.

Min Yih Tan, General Manager Lubricant, Shell South-East Asia Cluster, said that Shell Advance is a core product out of the company’s successful portfolio and has reached a stable growth in Asia Pacific and Latin America, and with launch of the new Shell Advance 4T range with its sophisticated RCE Technology will further strengthen Shell’s position as the top international lubricants brand in Indonesia.

“For a couple of people, motorcycle can be a transportation means. For others it is riding pleasure and for other still it is to win a race but we listened to all these range of customers and refresh Shell Advance. At Shell we put our customers at the heart of everything we do and listen to what their needs are. In the area of motorcycle oils, we want to offer Shell Advance as the best oil a biker can get. With the new Shell Advance 4T, we are not only setting new standards in terms of engine protection and performance but are also making the products more user-friendly with the benefits more tangible to consumers,” said Min Yih Tan.

“We believe that discerning motorcyclists will not only be able to feel but also actually hear the difference with the new Shell Advance 4T range of motorcycle oils. Hence, the decision to anchor our entire marketing campaign on the promise of ‘responsiveness you can hear’.”, added Min Yih Tan.

The new Shell Advance 4T range is available in five clearly tiered and easily differentiated products designed for specific types of motorcycles and performance requirements.

The new and more dynamic packaging in four vibrant colours for easy identification features a refreshed Shell Advance logo, improved graphics, clear alphanumeric product names and clearly stated upfront application on the front label to prevent confusion.

At the top of the range is the new Shell Advance Ultra 10W-40 fully synthetic oil for those who seek ultimate performance from their bikes. This variant delivers up to 80% better oxidation control, 78% better piston deposit control, 27.4% better sludge control and 48% better valve train protection compared to standard industry test limits. Shell Advance Ultra comes in a 1-litre classy gray packaging.

Next is the new Shell Advance AX7 10W-40 synthetic technology oil for high performance power bikes. This variant is easily identified by its blue packaging and is also able to boost the performance of standard bikes and mopeds, and has 0.8-litre and 1-litre packaging.

Shell also announced the launching of its new addition to the Shell Advance family, the Shell Advance AX7 Scooter specially formulated for automatic scooter. This variant comes in a 0.8-litre blue packaging with a clear automatic scooter icon on its front label, and is perfect and has proven to boost the performance of automatic scooters.

The new Shell Advance AX5 15W-40 premium multi-grade oil is perfect for standard bikes and proven to enhance the performance of mopeds. This variant comes in a bright yellow pack with a 1-litre and 0.8-litre packaging.

For mopeds, the new Shell Advance AX3 20W-40 multi-grade oil offers smoother performance and a more responsive riding experience. This variant comes in bright red packaging with a 0.8-litre packaging.

Also present at the Shell Advance 4T official launch at Ballroom XXI, Djakarta Theatre are Jimmy Tan, Technical Manager Lubricants, Shell South-East Asia Cluster; Lee-Ming Seow, Marketing Manager Lubricants, Shell South-East Asia Cluster; Henry Chia, Cluster Marketing Manager Lubricants, Shell Indonesia; and Vanda Laura, Brand & Communications Marketing Manager Lubricants, Shell Indonesia.

For more information on the new Shell Advance 4T motorcycle oils, please visit or visit your nearest Shell station and bike workshops.

For more information, please contact:

Sri Wahyu Endah
Media Relations Manager
Shell Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 7592 4700
Fax: +62 21 7592 4679

Vanda Laura
Brand & Communications Marketing Manager - Lubricants
Shell Indonesia

Phone: +62 21 7592 4700
Fax: +62 21 7592 4679

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  6. For the fourth consecutive year, Shell has been named the number one global lubricants supplier - selling more lubricants in 2009 than any other company in the world. (Source: Kline & Company)