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PT Shell Indonesia holds another round of Shell LiveWIRE “Business Start-Up Awards” (BSA) 2011. It is an event to search for young start-up entrepreneurs expected to inspire many other young Indonesians. The event targeting potential and inspirational start-up entrepreneurs (from 18 years – 32 years) from Java and Bali, opens its registration from 7 March 2011 and closed on 7 July 2011.

Shell LiveWIRE BSA is a part of Shell Indonesia social investment programs held since 2003. Its objective is to recognize and appreciate young people over the business they have started. Since 2008 alone, Shell has coached 40 young entrepreneurs . They have successfully provided employment for 283 people around their neighbourhood.

Darwin Silalahi, President Director dan Country Chairman PT Shell Indonesia said, ” We need to grow more young entrepreneurs to develop national economic resilience to enter the free trade era in 2015. The contribution of micro business in the rescue and recovery of economic condition after the crisis is beyond any doubt. Through the program of Shell LiveWIRE, we would like to give positive contribution in developing the economic resilience by motivating young people to develop their own business as their alternative career.”

This start-up young entrepreneurs competition of Shell LiveWIRE puts emphasis on the aspects of entrepreneurship, business performance and future business planning. For entrepreneurship aspect, the judgment includes: business idea, innovation, objectives and personal motivation. While for business performance aspect, includes: operating performance such as efficiency, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, technology and intellectual rights. The final aspect is on future planning, such as: long term objectives, strategic plan and opportunities for business development

In 2010, there were 384 people registered to take part in this Shell LiveWIRE BSA coming from Jakarta Greater Area, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java and Bali. The number of applicants continues to increase than previous years. In 2008 there were 271 participants, 2009 were 301 participants. Believing that many Indonesians young generation who chose entrepreneurship as their career choice, the number of applicants for this year is expected to increase.

The Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2011 will give a prize of Rp. 20 million per person for maximum of 10 winners. The winners will receive trainings and business advice as well as media expose.

The perseverance of young entrepreneurs as well as the business coaching gave encouraging results. Ari Wibowo, one of winners of BSA 2010 the owner of ”RestDoor” restaurant is able to employ 24 people with sales of Rp500 million in 2010. He started his business with was Rp. 30 million which was given from his best friend who liked his unique idea.

Andina Nabila Irvani and her sister Nerissa Arviana, the owners of creative business ”Spotlight” painting shoes also started their business with capital of Rp2 million borrowed from their parents. Now, Dina and Icha employ six employees with sales between Rp180 million to Rp240 million per annum.

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About Shell LiveWIRE

Shell LiveWIRE is part of social investment / CSR of Shell Indonesia held since 2003. Apart from “Business Start-Up Awards” (BSA), Shell LiveWIRE also provides training program on digging out business ideas, business consultation and business discussion to assist young people to start their own business or developing their start-up business.

As part of Shell International Social Program, Shell LiveWIRE has been implemented in more than 25 countries globally. It has helped to develop more than 2,800 new businesses and created employment for 8,900 workforce. Since its inception in 1982, this program already contributed to 1.3 million young people in developing their ideas and business through information, advices and supports

Shell LiveWIRE in Indonesia was bestowed the award of Excellence Award for Best Corporate Sustainability for Community Development at the INA (Indonesian Netherlands Association) Corporate Sustainability Awards 2009. In the same year, 5 of the 9 young Indonesian nominated for Asian Best Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek Asia magazine were winners of Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards.

Shell LiveWIRE Indonesia was bestowed with Excellence Award for Poverty Alleviation Category at the Asian CSR Awards 2010. In February 2011, Darwin Silalahi as Country Chairman & President Director of PT. Shell Indonesia received an award as Best Entrepreneurship Motivator from the Ministry of Cooperative and SME during the Inauguration of National Entrepreneurial Initiative in SMESCO UKM building. Two winners of BSA 2010, Ali Bagus Antra from Bebek Garang and Nur Kartika Indah from Nata de Cassava were also bestowed with award of Young Successful Entrepreneurs at the same event.

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