Ari Wibowo, the owner of Restdoor (Restoran Dorong) proved it. Having no money to realize his business idea, he tried to approach his campus mate and sell his creative thought of combining a food-stall and restaurant in the concept of wheelbarrow. He was inspired by this idea after observing that most of students in his campus need a comfortable and cool place to dine in and WiFi facility to work on their assignments. However, they do not always have sufficient cash to spend at this type of restaurant. Interested in his idea, his friend gave him Rp. 30 Million in cash. In all RestDoor outlets and carts, most menus are priced similar to food at the traditional local stalls. Starting with only one outlet with four helpers, now Ari has six outlets with 24 helpers. His business turnover in 2010 reached Rp. 500 M.

“My resto assistants are mostly the drop-outs from elementary & junior school since they do not have access to job markets. I want to help them get the proper job,” said Ari.

Ridho Andiko has the same experience. Excited with his research on pure coconut as cooking oil, this 24 year-old UGM graduate used his only savings amounted Rp. 300,000 to initiate his business. He put his focus on building his business by doing more researches to remove the rancid smell from coconut oil. Using the comfilter system, he could finally produce a healthy coconut oil “Sahara” with no preservatives. His turnover in 2010 is Rp. 90M.

Great inspiration comes from individuals who dare, against the odds, to make their dreams come true. Most people are conditioned to think limiting thoughts. Many go to school, only to get a job with a pension and later retire. Shell LiveWIRE aims to encourage young people to change his mindset from job seeker to job creator and motivate them to consider business as a career option. Shell LiveWIRE provides young people access to resources and advice to initiate their business. The Program also give mentoring services to young entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business start-up like Ari and Ridho and thousands of young Indonesians, to enable them to grow their sustainable business.

In average, each Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneur can create 4 - 33 jobs for people in their neighbourhood. With continues coaching, mentoring and media publicity, they also grow their business with significant profit. Ali Bagus with his resto business “Bebek Garang” can increase 600% profit compared to the year before he joined Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards 2010. Ridho with his “Sahara cooking oil” has shown remarkable growth in his sales volume, from 25 liters of cooking oil per month to 1000 liters only in his base in Yogyakarta.

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