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  • Shell’s Global campaign “Shell Helix – Supercars” engages all car drivers worldwide to taste the ultimate sensation of driving a Supercar.
  • Shell holds testimonial writing competition in Indonesia titled “Shell Helix, Pilihan Pengendara Handal" (Shell Helix, the Proud Driver’s Choice) to all Shell Helix consumers in February - March, 2013. Two winners will leave for Cape Town, South Africa to participate in Shell Helix’s global activities.



Jakarta, February 14, 2013 - Shell Lubricants, the world’s leading lubricant manufacturer, has launched a campaign accompanied by a global commercial publication titled "Shell Helix – Supercars". The aim of the publication is to officially announce the Shell Helix City event, which is conducted on February 14 - 17, 2013 at Senayan City, South Jakarta.

This “Supercars” commercial publication has been purposely designed to allow drivers to experience the sensation of driving a Supercar. GM Marketing of Shell Lubricants Indonesia Kuswantoro Pranabudi explained that Shell Lubricants fully understands a driver’s emotional relationship with, and affection towards, his car. “The sensation of driving the best car in the world will surely emerge as the car runs properly. This is how all proud drivers feel. We want all drivers to choose Shell Helix to experience this same sensation, regardless of the type of car driven,” Prana explained.

Shell Lubricants hopes that the "Shell Helix – Supercars” campaign will enable drivers to recognize that the best driving car sensation can be met by selecting the appropriate lubricant.  Shell Helix with Active Cleansing Technology (ACT) can clean up the engine, prevent the build-up of dirt, and provide a smoother, more responsive acceleration. Shell Helix is a proven lubricant, and the only one recommended by Scuderia Ferrari. It is used not only in the Gran Turismo Ferrari but also Formula One Ferrari car.

Prana further added that during the Shell Helix City event, car owners will get more comprehensive information about Shell Helix and its Active Cleansing Technology. "We hope that the event will raise driver's awareness on how to select the best lubricant, and encourage them to choose Shell Helix as the best lubricant for their cars", he said.

Shell Helix was recently awarded the “2013 Top Brand” in its “4-Wheel Engine Lubricant” category. This award is made to Indonesian top brands that achieve a minimum of 10% Top Brand Index and are in the top three of their product category based on customer survey.  

“Shell Helix, Pilihan Pengendara Handal” Testimonial Competition

Shell believes the owners and drivers who love their cars will seek to provide the best for their cars or Supercars. This affection will be manifested in the strong emotional relationship between the driver and his Supercar. As an appreciation to all the Proud Drivers, Shell Helix in Indonesia conducts the Testimonial Writing Competition titled "Shell Helix, Pilihan Pengendara Handal". “We hope the Proud Drivers competition bears this out”, Prana added.  

The winners will be announced in June 2013. Two winners will enjoy an adventurous trip to Cape Town, South Africa to participate in Global Shell Helix activities in November 2013. Winners will also have the chance to experience off-road desert driving, in addition to experiencing the beauty of Cape Town. Shell Lubricants will also publish “The Most FavoriteTestimonial Videos” through YouTube. The winners will be selected based on the number of viewers. For further information about this testimonial competition, please visit our website at


For further information about this testimonial competition, please contact

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The history of Royal Dutch Shell in Indonesia began over 120 years ago, following its first oil discovery in Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra. Today, Shell enjoys a strong market share in Indonesia’s downstream sector. Shell is the first international oil company to establish gas stations (SPBU) in Indonesia, and continues to lead the field, with more than 70 operating sites in Greater Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

In 2006, Shell commenced its commercial fuels, marines and bitumen businesses in Indonesia, providing oil products and related technical support to the industrial, transport and mining sectors. Shell is also recognized as a leading international company, with the largest market share, after Pertamina, in the lubricants sector, serving motorists and industrial customers. Shell has invested significantly to build a fuel supply-chain infrastructure in Indonesia, in cooperation with its local partners. The fuel storage facilities in Gresik and Laut Island, the lubes warehouse facility in Bekasi, Surabaya and Balikpapan, and the bitumen storage facility in Cirebon, are examples of successful joint ventures with leading Indonesian companies such as Astra International and Adaro Energy.

In 2011, Shell re-entered the upstream business in the country of its birthplace, with the signing of an agreement to become the strategic partner with Inpex, operator of the Masela PSC, which includes the Abadi gas field. Shell’s participation in the Abadi field underpins its growth strategy and underscores its position as world leader in both LNG and Floating LNG (FLNG) developments.


The term “Shell Lubricants” collectively refers to Shell Group companies engaged in the lubricants business. Shell sells a wide variety of lubricants to meet customer needs across a range of applications. These include consumer motoring, heavy-duty transport, mining, power generation and general engineering. Shell’s portfolio of lubricant brands includes Pennzoil, Quaker State, Shell Helix, Shell Rotella, Shell Tellus and Shell Rimula.  We are active across the full lubricant supply chain. We manufacture base oils in eight plants, blend base oils with additives to make lubricants in over 50 plants, distribute, market and sell lubricants in over 100 countries.

We also provide technical and business support to customers. We offer lubricant-related services in addition to our product range these include: Shell LubeMatch –the market leading product on-line recommendation tool, Shell LubeAdvisor - helps customers to select the right lubricant through highly trained Shell technical staff as well as online tools and Shell LubeAnalyst - early warning system that enables customers to monitor the condition of their equipment and lubricant, helping to save money on maintenance and avoid potential lost business through equipment failure.

Shell’s world-class technology works to deliver value to our customers.  Innovation, product application and technical collaboration are at the heart of Shell lubricants. We have leading lubricants research centres in Germany, Japan (in a joint venture with Showa Shell), the UK and the USA.  We invest significantly in technology and work closely with our customers to develop innovative lubricants. We have a patent portfolio with 150 + patent series for lubricants, base oils and greases; more than 200 scientists and lubricants engineers dedicated to lubricants research and development.

Customer benefits include lower maintenance costs, longer equipment life and reduced energy consumption. One of the ways we push the boundaries of lubricant technology is by working closely with top motor racing teams such as Scuderia Ferrari. These technical partnerships enable us to expand our knowledge of lubrication science and transfer cutting-edge technology from the racetrack to our commercial products.