PT Shell Indonesia through SUPEL Program (Shell For Environmental Conservation) has announced the partnership with Semai Karakter Bangsa Foundation, founder of “Bank Sampah Depok” (BSD) for community based waste management in Depok. The partnership is launched with the signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PT Shell Indonesia, represented by Retail Network Delivery Manager Iwan Salim and Founder of Bank Sampah Depok (BSD) Isnarto at the Waste Processing Units (UPS) Merdeka 1, Sukmajaya-Depok (24/12). The signing was witnessed by Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail and GM Retail Network Delivery East Wahyu Indrawanto.

Depok Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail appreciated Shell’s initiative to support BSD in managing waste in Depok area, which in the long run will lead to environment rehabilitation and contribution to the local community welfare. “Participation from Shell Indonesia has provided further assistance for the local government in overcoming integrated waste management issues in Depok with community based initiative.” He added, “This pioneer program is expected to be followed by the other companies, therefore the more clean and comfortable city of Depok become visible.”

Iwan Salim, Retail Network Delivery Manager, PT Shell Indonesia stated that the initiative is part of Shell’s commitment to provide positive assistance towards company presence for local community in Depok through its social investment program. Iwan Salim explained, “Waste is one of the toughest issues that currently challenge the city, and we would like to provide endorsement for the community to be able to address this issue as we help the other communities around our operational site. The waste bank program is a positive result of proper waste management while providing direct economic value to the surrounding community.”

Currently, a total of 900 tons of waste has been generated from 11 districts in Depok. The local government of Depok is only able to cope with less than half of the waste volume and the discarded waste spread throughout the city such as on the rivers, vacant land and on the streets. According to Isnarto, who established Bank Sampah Depok in 2011, this issue can be avoided “Act No.18 of 2008 regarding waste management declared as waste generator, we are obligated to process our own waste. Referring to the act, community of Bank Sampah Depok actively seek opportunities to educate and encourage people in the neighbourhood to be competent to process their own waste and reduce waste volume to be disposed to the landfill (TPA),” said Isnarto.

At the moment, BSD has covered five districts within Depok area with 4.500 customers (4.500 families). “With the additional support from Shell Indonesia, we expect that BSD will be able to increase their performance particularly in Depok and our inspiration to build 2.000 waste banks by 2014 can be achieved,” added Isnarto. The current operational activities of BSD is running on 800 square meters of land that belongs to the Depok Government which also equipped with limited equipments.

Furthermore, Isnarto aspires to develop waste-based tourism, environmental restoration and agriculture. He also wants to develop a range of creative industries which will involve the local community, as well as to provide varied waste management courses.

Shell Indonesia supports environmental preservation through SUPEL Program (Shell For Environmental Conservation) in Surabaya and Jakarta. In Surabaya, Shell Indonesia in cooperation with Pusdakota (Community Empowerment Center) and Local Surabaya Government supported the establishment of waste bank in Panjang Jiwo (Prapen) Village, Babatan Village and Lontar (Pakuwon area). In Radio Dalam, Jakarta, Shell also processes waste-based compost and biopores as part of flood prevention efforts in cooperation with the State Islamic University (UIN).

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