The world’s leading lubricant company, Shell Lubricants, officially launches the fully synthetic car engine oil Shell Helix HX8 5W-30 (HX8) in Indonesia. Shell Indonesia Lubricants & Commercial Fuels General Manager DR Johari Jalil together with Shell Lubricants Marketing General Manager Kuswantoro Pranabudi led the product's launching event on Thursday, (6/20) at Rumah Maroko, Jakarta.

Indonesia has been selected to be the first country in Southeast Asia to market Shell Helix HX8,” said Johari. Shell Helix HX8 is expected to fullfill the needs of engine oil for the wide variety of modern cars in Indonesia, in accordance with everyday's traffic conditions. Shell Helix HX8 is formulated from high quality synthetic base oil and additives, aiming to provide a better cleansing and protection power than the ordinary mineral oil. Shell Helix HX8 has been evidently stable in every condition. Its low viscosity grade enables easier engine startup even in cold condition (cold start) and also help to reduce oil consumption.

Furthermore, Johari said that Shell Lubricants always understands the needs of car owners worldwide. The growth of automotive industry manufacturing the modern gasoline or diesel fuel cars surely demands high quality oil. Currently, many car manufacturers recommend a longer service interval. This means that the cars will need high-quality oil which has the ability to maintain the engine great performance up to the service time. “Active Cleansing Technology formulated in Shell Helix HX8 will help the owner to keep the optimal engine performance up to the services time,”  added Johari.  

Pranabudi also added that the Active Cleansing Technology in Shell Helix HX8 could maintain engine cleanliness by continuously preventing dirt and sludge build-up. Such condition will enable the car engine to provide better responsiveness and improved performance. In addition, its low viscosity formulation is able to boost the fuel efficiency leading to emission reduction. Shell Helix HX8 also has particular feature enabling it to adapt to the weather and keep engine performance even in the cold weather.    

Previously, Shell Lubricants has presented series of Shell Helix car oil, comprises of Shell Helix Ultra, HX7/HX7 Diesel, HX5/HX5 Diesel and HX3. Shell Lubricants is the top global oil supplier and has conducted innovation for more than 70 years. Shell world-class technology becomes value added for the customers. Innovation, product application and technical collaboration have become the priority for Shell Lubricants.

Shell Lubricants always protects engines cars worldwide

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