PT Shell Indonesia once again invites all young aspiring entrepreneurs to compete in the annual “Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards (BSA) 2013”. The competition, entering its 7th year in Indonesia since its beginning in the year 2006 is part of Shell Social Investment program in Indonesia. Shell LiveWIRE BSA aims to nurture entrepreneurship spirit among Indonesian young people, and to support them in developing their business while recognizing their achievement. This year, the application process for Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2013 has been started in April 2013 and will end on July 2013.

Darwin Silalahi, President Director & Country Chairman of PT Shell Indonesia said, “Since the year 2003 PT Shell Indonesia has been actively organizing entrepreneurship training for young people. We want to support the growth of entrepreneurship in Indonesia especially among young people. Through this program, Shell LiveWIRE, we hope to motivate more young people to focus on entrepreneurship and consider it as a career option.” Until 2012, there has been 5000 young people who participated in Shell LiveWIRE’s trainings.

Since the year 2006, 3043 young entrepreneurs in Java and Bali have been participated in the young entrepreneur competiton Shell LiveWIRE BSA. Last year, a total of 398 young entrepreneurs entered the competition, and it was hoped that this year we will see more. As in the previous year, Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2013 will look for a young entrepreneur aged between 18–32 years old who have been running their business for 3 months at the least and 24 months at the most. They are expected to be entrepreneurs based in Java or Bali who come from various industries such as the culinary business, fashion, or information technology.

The 10 winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2013 Indonesia will receive cash awards in the sum of Rp 25 million each and will get the opportunity to participate in business coaching in the next 2 years.  Other than that, the winners will stand a chance to become the members of “Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame” which is a group of the best entrepreneurs who have benefitted from the Shell LiveWIRE program worldwide.

Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame

As part of Shell Internasional’s social investment program, Shell LiveWIRE currently run in 14 countries, has helped 2800 new businesses, and has created 8900 jobs. Since this program was launched in Scotland  back in 1982, it has contributed to more than 1.3 million young people to develop ideas and their businesses through information, advice, and support. It has also opened doors of opportunity for the winners from various countries to communicate with each other and share their experiences as young entrepreneurs.

The winners of Shell LiveWIRE from all over the world including Indonesia stand a chance to become the members of Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame,  a unique global concept that spotlight the best entrepreneurs who have benefitted from Shell LiveWIRE program worldwide. At the moment, there are 23 Shell LiveWIRE winners from all over the world who made it to the Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame, four of those were winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA from Indonesia.

Three of the Indonesian members of Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame  are the winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2008: (1) Antonius Dian Adhi Feryanto, the owner of Pavettia Atisiri which process essential oils such as minyak pala, patchouli and citronella used as base ingredients for various industries such as aroma oil, perfumes, food, and pharmacy; (2) Roihatul Jannah, the owner of the Helmiat Bonceng Bocah which produces seat that can be attached to the rear end of a motorcycle; (3)  Giyatri Takarina, the owner of Sungsang Batik which has successfully run a batik-making workshop in 2007, reviving age-old tradition, and at the same time rebuilding hope after the devastating Yogya earthquake that happened in 2006.

The fourth Indonesian member of the Shell LiveWIRE International Hall of Fame  is the winners of BSA 2009 Rifqi Suprapto, the owner of Agri 05 which focus on local produce such as yams to create inexpensive and varied food such as doughnut, brownies and ice cream. According to Rifqi, who now owns a shop called ”Agrimart”, his participation in Shell LiveWIRE BSA  provided many benefit in running his businesses, from business knowledge, marketing, and distribution.

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