PT Shell Indonesia handed over “Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards  (BSA) 2013” to 10 young start-up entrepreneurs. The winners are Ari Yudianta (Glugu Wood Art), Fajar Ciptandi (Dwaya Manikam), Ibnu Hari Wibowo (Pizza MiniQu), Mega Siswindarto (Frozzie), Maulana Nuril Huda (Pupuk Bio Agens), Massinangling Gumelar (Mie Padang), Ronaldiaz Hartantyo (GrowBox), Rian M Noor Suwari (Sundanesia “Bajogoer & Bandrek” Ice Cream), Surya Darmadi (Bamba Media), Yanuar Pratama Firdaus (Spice & Spaces). Meanwhile, two other young entrepreneurs Puriyani Hasanah (Popon’s Nursery) dan Fajar Ciptandi (Dwaya Manikam) receive special awards, namely Ecopreneur Award and Sociopreneur Award. 

Shell Indonesia selected the respective winner of Ecopreneur and Sociopreneur Categories for the first time in this BSA 2013. Ecopreneur Award covers the business performance in sustaining the improvement of environmental quality and sustainability. In addition, the business should successfully bring solutions to environmental issues, such as deforestation and reforestation, garbage and waste management, energy saving, biodiversity and land use. Meanwhile, Sociopreneur Award covers business performance in sustaining the improvement of society life quality. In addition, the business should successfully bring solutions to social issues, such as poverty eradication, education opportunity, health care, women and disabled people empowerment and human rights protection.

The finalists are selected from more than 350 youth aged 18-32 years old who successfully run their businesses during the period of 3 to 24 months. This year’s participants mostly comes from Jabodetabek, reaching 86 contestants, followed by Bandung (52), Surabaya (45), Sleman (24), Yogya (18), Malang (16) and some other regions in Java Island. The business sectors managed by the winners seem to be more diverse this year. The two new business sectors are included in this year’s competition, namely furniture and mural.  In fact, these two business sectors successfully put their entrepreneurs as the 15 finalists of Shell BSA 2013.  The two sectors are represented respectively by Richard, the owner of Indonesia Mural-Art Galery and Ari Yudianta, producer of furniture products and handicrafts from coconut tree and rind, namely Glugu Wood Art.

These two new businesses enrich the existing sectors managed by the participants of BSA, comprising food and beverages, fashion, agriculture and IT-based business. “We see that the more diverse businesses have grown because the youths have used the advanced IT when they started their business. However, please do remember that they keep using the domestic resources and empowering local societies to improve social welfare,” one of the judges of Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up 2013 Aidil Akbar Madjid said. According to Aidil, the financial and profit calculation in the participants’ businesses was one of the aspects which required improvement. They need to improve it in running their businesses in the future. He further hoped that there would be more young entrepreneurs in the future just like these winners of BSA 2013.

Just like the earlier years, the culinary sector has still been widely selected by the young entrepreneurs to test their creativities. This year, for instance, Shell Indonesia recorded 116 participants of culinary sector. Two of them successfully become finalists, namely Ibnu Hari Wibowo the owner of Pizza Mini Qu who tried to create mini pizza and Mega Siswindarto the owner of frozen brownies products Frozzie, who tried to create frozen brownies.

Another attractive business sector is the fashion with 45 participants followed by service (62), handicraft (38), IT (22), Agribusiness (18) and some other sectors. Agribusiness sector had successfully sent three participants as finalists of Shell BSA 2013. Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, the owner of DIY (Do It Yourself) Mushroom Kit Growbox from Bandung, successfully develops attractive agriculture product, an oyster mushroom seed in the box which is ready to be grown by everyone, at any place and any moment. “We want to offer a new experience for the mushroom enthusiasts to have their own small mushroom field. The mushroom will grow and can be directly harvested and consumed after the 2-week simple treatment,” Ronaldiaz said.

In addition to Ronaldiaz, the two other participants in agribusiness sector are Puriyani Hasanah, the owner of plantation and forestry plant seeds production, namely Popon’s Nursery. Puri is able to manage the planting as well as nursing the plantation area stretching for 20 hectares in Lampung. Meanwhile, Maulana Nuril Huda, the owner of Bio Agens Fertilizer runs biological fertilizer production business in East Java. This business sector has its own challenges because its material, microbe, is only available in Malang.  

Good synergy of the young people creativity in using the domestic resources and advanced IT will encourage them to improve themselves and bring positive impacts to local societies,” President Director and Country Chairman of PT Shell Indonesia Darwin Silalahi said. He added that “The growth of young entrepreneurs will be significantly needed to develop national economy security. Through Shell LiveWIRE program, Shell aims to bring positive contribution and to take part in motivating the young people to start entrepreneurship and set it as the career alternative.”

This award highlights the assessment on some aspects, namely: Entrepreneurship, Business Situation and Future Planning. The assessment of entrepreneurship aspect includes business ideas, innovation, goal and personal motivation. The assessment of business situation aspect includes operational performance; such as efficiency, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, technology and intellectual rights. Meanwhile, the assessment of future planning aspect includes long-term goals, strategic plan and business development opportunity.

Each of the ten winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2013 receives 25 million rupiah support funds to develop their business. In addition, the two winners of Ecopreneur and Sociopreneur Awards receives 10 million rupiah respectively. The winners will also receive business coaching and counsel in addition to media publication.

Shell LiveWIRE as the part of social program of Shell International has been held in more than 25 countries and has helped the development of more than 2,800 new businesses in addition to bring new job opportunity to 8,900 employees. Launched in Scotland in 1982, the program has brought contribution to 1.3 million young people to develop their ideas and businesses through information, advice and support.

Shell LiveWIRE has been held in Indonesia since 2003. This program has the spirit to grow entrepreneurship in Indonesian youth while helping them to develop the businesses and to provide support for their businesses. More than 5,000 young entrepreneurs took part in Shell LiveWIRE workshops in 2003-2012. 3,401 of them were listed in an annual entrepreneur competition, Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Award, since 2006.

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