Jakarta, December 16, 2015 – As many as 300 students from 30 Elementary Schools in Jakarta participated in the Road Safety Competition event, held today by PT Shell Indonesia at Sasana Kriya, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII).

The students, in range between 4th and 6th grade, from various elementary schools in five Jakarta districts, are taking part in a series of educational activities to instill the awareness and the importance of behaving in an orderly conduct on the road. The one full day program promotes road safety in the form of an educational competition for the children.

Through this program PT Shell Indonesia is supporting the government efforts to reduce fatal road accidents, while at the same time providing concrete actions to support UN’s WHO (World Health Organization) as the initiator of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

The number of road fatalities has become major concern for the government and the world these past few years. According to the data from WHO Global Status Report released on October 2015, 1.25 million people die from fatal accidents worldwide, even though good traffic behavior and safety efforts have improved. In its report, WHO estimated that the number road fatalities in Indonesia in 2013 are 15.3 times per 100 thousand populations. As a result of road fatalities, according to the report, the Indonesian economy loses 2.9 – 3.1 percent GDP annually.

“Shell is fully aware that all parties must take concrete actions to prevent road fatalities, which have become one of the leading causes of death in Indonesia. Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goal target, which plans to decrease the number of road deaths by 50% by 2020, Shell is instilling awareness of good traffic behavior and promoting road safety from an early age through this educational competition,” said Iip Sufriza, Shell Indonesia Corporate HSSE Manager.

“We welcome and appreciate the Road Safety Competition event held by PT Shell Indonesia, because not only is it aligned with the Safety Management campaign run by the Ministry of Transportation in 2015, but also because the government needs support from all parties, including corporations, for this campaign. We hope that initiatives like what Shell is doing can help create a culture of good traffic behavior,” said Andriyansah, Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Department.

“Our experience in the field shows that human negligence has been one major cause of fatal accidents on the road. This is why the Police Department has always supported efforts to raise the awareness of good traffic behaviour. We welcome efforts by Shell to promote this awareness from an early age,” said Commisioner Risyapudin Nursin, Director of Traffic Directorate, Metro Jaya Provincial Police.

Launched since 2009, the Shell Road Safety Competition is an annual education-competition event promoting road safety for Elementary School students in DKI Jakarta. This event is conducted in partnership with the Traffic Directorate of Metro Jaya Provincial Police and the Provincial Primary and Secondary Education Department. The Shell Road Safety Competition is a social investment program initiated by Shell Indonesia and aimed to increase road safety awareness for elementary school children.

A month before these 30 schools took part in the 2015 Shell Road Safety Competition, they have received preparatory guidance. Educational materials that were provided include an introduction to traffic signs and good traffic behavior.

In the 2015 Shell Road Safety Competition, participants took part in Shell City games, a city simulation game demonstrating good traffic behavior, with many traffic signs. Participants entering Shell City went through 5 (five) game posts that must be passed by doing all the fun challenges in each post. Five schools that are selected as winners received effective studying training and learned about traffic safety.

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