Jakarta, December 21, 2015 – Today (21/12), PT Shell Indonesia officially kicks off its residential environment quality improvement program, which takes form as the development of “Desa BERSEMI” (Clean, Healthy, Independent Village) in Segaramakmur Village and Pantai Makmur Village, both of which are located in Tarumajaya, Marunda, Bekasi. The program aims to increase community awareness and initiative in realizing a clean, healthy, environmentally friendly, and productive residential area.

The launching of Desa BERSEMI program is symbolized by the signing of a ‘Joint Initiative Charter’ by Lubricants Supply Chain (LSC) Manager of Shell Indonesia-Alex Marpaung, General Manager of Industrial & Warehousing Area of Marunda Center-Agus Susanto Mulyono, and Head of Tarumajaya Sub-district, Bekasi-Dwy Sigit Andrian, and subsequently followed by a ceremonial handover of gardening tools to the representative cadres from Pantai Makmur Village and Segaramakmur Village.

“The Desa BERSEMI program is a testament to Shell’s commitment to supporting any attempt of community development within our operational area, including in the surrounding area of our Shell Lubs Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) in Marunda. We hope this kind of program, which cultivates community potentials and initiatives, will encourage more active participation from the community. Our initial target is to train 100 cadres from the two villages to act as the catalyst that has the capacity and capability to build and develop Waste Bank, Compost (fertilizer), Creative Industries based on the 3R’s Principle, and Urban farming ,” said Alex. These cadres are then expected to help with the program dissemination to the wider community.

Meanwhile, Head of Tarumajaya Sub-district-Dwy Sigit Andrian said, ”We’re delighted to have the BERSEMI program conducted here by PT Shell Indonesia in cooperation with Pusdakota Universitas Surabaya and Marunda Center in Pantai Makmur and Segaramakmur Villages. This is a testament to the commitment of business actors to be actively involved in community development in Bekasi. In addition, the BERSEMI program is a concrete example of how the companies in Bekasi realize their commitment to being directly involved in waste management by engaging the community. We hope what Shell does could be replicated by other companies in Bekasi, as these activities are in aligment with District Head-Hj. Neneng Hasanah Yasin’s program to further achieve the BERSINAR (Clean, Safe Innovative, and Religious) concept for Bekasi.”

Agus Susanto Mulyono, General Manager of Industrial & Warehousing Area of Marunda Center and executive partner of the program, added, “The Desa BERSEMI Program in the two villages in Tarumajaya Sub-district, Bekasi is expected to be a positive influence and benefit the environmental, social and economic aspects of the community, particularly for the local community surrounding the Industrial & Warehousing Area of Marunda Center.”

About Desa BERSEMI

The Desa BERSEMI Program will simultaneously combine an empowerment approach, capacity building, and social entrepreneurship. PT Shell Indonesia, supported by executive partner Pusdakota, will provide training for the community cadres on waste sorting, composting, urban farming system, and waste bank. Furthermore, Shell will also provide the necessary tools for this integrated waste management program.

Previously, Shell Indonesia has developed a similar village model in several areas in Surabaya, such as Kampung Berseri (Clean, Healthy, Independent Village) in Lontar Village and Babatan, Surabaya City, and Desa/Kampung PANJI KAMI (Panjangjiwo Independent Village) in RW Panjangjiwo, Surabaya City.

Moreover, PT Shell Indonesia has also assisted waste management in Depok through a program managed by Depok Waste Bank (BSD) operating under Yayasan Semai Karakter Bangsa. BSD has been helping Depok City Government manage waste in Depok area through waste sorting and processing in 11 sub-districts within the area. PT Shell Indonesia also donated a pick-up truck and scale to BSD in 2013 in order to support the waste management in Depok area.

For more information on this program, contact:

Sri Wahyu Endah

Downstream External Relations Manager

PT. Shell Indonesia



About Shell Indonesia

The history of Royal Dutch Shell in Indonesia has started over 120 years ago, following its first oil discovery in Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra.

Shell today has a strong downstream presence in Indonesia. It was the first international petroleum retail brand in the country and is now a leading international oil company (IOC) with 78 operating sites in Greater Jakarta and Bandung. In 2006, Shell started its commercial fuels, marines and bitumen businesses in Indonesia, providing oil products and related technical support to the industrial, transport and mining sectors. Shell is also recognised as a leading international company with the largest lubricant market share in Indonesia, after Pertamina, serving motorists and industrial customers.

Shell brings in significant investment to build fuels supply chain infrastructure in Indonesia, in cooperation with its local partners. We run the lubes warehouse facility in Bekasi, Surabaya and Balikpapan, and the bitumen storage facility in Merak,

In Upstream, Shell has been appointed as the Operator of the Pulau Moa Selatan Production Sharing Contract (PSC). This important milestone marks Shell’s return to Upstream business in its birthplace, and builds on our 2011 re-entry to Indonesian Upstream through our participation in the Inpex-operated Floating Liquid Natural Gas (FLNG) project.