Jakarta, March 21, 2016 – The world commemorates Tuberculosis (TB) Day on March 24. The World TB Day is one of World Health Organization (WHO) programs to campaign about TB global concern. TB remains one of the major global health problems. According to WHO global report in 2014, 9.6 million people are suffering from TB and 1.5 million died due to the disease. In Indonesia, Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health at Ministry of Health reported 67,000 TB-related deaths per year. Thus, Indonesian government has launched the target of Indonesia TB-free by 2050.  

In line with the commemoration of World TB Day and to support of the Indonesian Government target for TB-free by 2050, PT Shell Indonesia expresses concern on TB eradication efforts in Indonesia. One of its efforts was TB health education in Marunda, Bekasi. The activity took place in Pantai Makmur Village on Saturday (19/3) and Segara Makmur Village on Monday (21/3).

The health education session was officially opened by Shell LOBP Marunda Manager Alex Marpaung and witnessed by Heads of Pantai Makmur Village and Segara Makmur Village as well as Head of Tarumajaya Community Health Center (Puskesmas). Around 200 residents of Segara Makmur and Pantai Makmur participated in the activities taking place at village hall, respectively. This health education session was hosted by doctors from Shell Health Indonesia and Tarumajaya Community Health Center (Puskesmas).

“Through health education, Shell Indonesia wants to participate in TB eradication efforts in Indonesia. We see the Government has been actively providing treatment for TB patients by giving free TB medicines in Puskesmas units. Shell also wants to support Government to break the chain of TB infection and to take TB preventive measures with this health education. We hope this health education will raise people awareness about TB, increase TB patient recovery and minimize TB cases, especially in Segara Makmur and Pantai Makmur villages.” Shell LOBP Marunda Manager Alex Marpaung said. 

WHO reported that TB had mostly affected adults in their most productive age. Over 95% of TB cases and deaths occurred in the developing countries. TB is one of the top causes of death for women aged 15-44 years old. A person with TB in productive age is estimated to have work time disruption or even lose it for 2-4 months. This situation will certainly result in lost earnings and economic impacts to family. 

 “We positively respond every effort from all parties, including Shell Indonesia to help TB eradication in our neighborhood. Hopefully, this health education session will help raise people’s understanding on the importance of providing encouragement and support to the recovery of people with TB. This event can also encourage people in our village to maintain their health more intensively to prevent TB. In the future, we expect to see more companies adopting Shell Indonesia’s effort in helping TB eradication in this village,” Head of Pantai Makmur Village H. Aman Zalih said.    

Alex Marpaung added that this health education session on TB is a testament of Shell’s commitment to its neighborhood near Shell operations in many parts of the world. Prior to TB Health Education session, Shell Indonesia in cooperation with Segara Makmur Village and Pantai Makmur Village administration implemented a neighborhood quality improvement through Desa BERSEMI Program. BERSEMI stands for Bersih, Sehat, Mandiri (Clean, Healthy and Independence). Desa BERSEMI Program is aimed to raise community concern and initiative to bring in clean, healthy, eco-friendly and productive neighborhood. The cooperation was already implemented in December 2015. “We surely hope Shell’s participation and cooperation could improve the life quality of people near our LOBP Marunda operation,” Alex added.

For further information on this program, please contact:

Sri Wahyu Endah 

Downstream External Relations Manager 

PT. Shell Indonesia