Based on the data from Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) in February 2017, Labor Force Participation Rate (TPAK) of working women increased by 2.33% to 55.04% from 52.71% in February 2016. This means that women today have contributed in supporting national economy. Moreover, women currently have equal opportunities in the work field. According to research from Grant Thornton in 2017, Indonesia is one of the countries that have the best increase in the number of women with senior management role, with a total increase from 24% in 2016 to 28% in 2017. The results also showed that emerging countries continues to lead in accepting diversity in the workplace compared to developing countries.  

"In line with the professional development in Indonesia, at Shell we value diversity and inclusion to create conducive working environment for employees to reach their full potential. One of them is by closing the gender gap. This is our principal in forming Shell Indonesia Women's Network. I am happy that today Shell Indonesia Women's Network can share experiences with great women from GE Oil & Gas, Caterpillar, and Schlumberger. Moreover, we all gather here for one purpose, namely to support each other and enhance career opportunities," said Ginong Pratidina Hermawati, VP Indirect Channel Excellence (ICE) Lubricants Indonesia from Shell Indonesia. “In the last few years I have seen that there has been an improvement in gender equality where women nowadays have greater opportunities in building their careers, including reaching for senior positions in a company,” Ginong adds.

The establishment of Shell Indonesia Women's Network and Cross-company Mentoring Circle activities is a manifestation of Shell Indonesia's commitment to create an organizational environment in which women are involved, empowered, respected, and seen as important contributors. On this occasion, in addition to Ginong Pratidina Hermawati (Dina), Shell Indonesia's Indirect Channel Excellence (ICE) VP, there were also three inspiring women from different industries as panelists in the discussion, they are, Donna Priadi, Director of Government Affairs & Policy from GE Indonesia, Regine Pang, HR Director Asia Pacific CIS Africa Middle East (ACAM) Distribution Service from Caterpillar Indonesia, and Wahyu Wardani, HR Manager of Far East and Australia Production Group from Schlumberger Indonesia.

Artizka Edwina, the President of Shell Indonesia Woman's Network and as a host of the event added, “With the diversity of talents and individual abilities, having an inclusive working environment is the key to recruit, develop and maintain the best talents. We hope that through this workshop, many of our inspired colleagues continue to develop their potential. We also hope the company can continue to focus on improving women's representation in key positions within the organization,” said Artizka.