Apatte62 Team with an energy-efficient car as a result of their innovation. (Photo was taken before the pandemic)
Apatte62 Team with an energy-efficient car as a result of their innovation. (Photo was taken before the pandemic)

The global competition held in a new format amidst pandemic took place from August to the end of September with participants coming from various countries and regions of Asia, America, and Europe. The Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon is a special award by Royal Dutch Shell to teams of students who have shown perseverance, compassion, empathy, and innovation during this pandemic. Also, they have shown great spirit and interest in the application of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) through their works and contributing to the environment.

Rhea Sianipar, VP External Relations, Shell Indonesia, expressed her delight on the achievements of all Indonesian teams who have successfully made it to the final of the Spirit of SEM competition. “Apatte62’s win as a champion is proof that Indonesian young generation never stops creating and scoring achievements. Even in the current pandemic, Indonesian youth continues to be able to obtain a world achievement that makes Indonesia proud.”

Rhea further said that the Apatte62 team has successfully impressed the judges in four key criteria, namely perseverance, compassion, empathy, and innovation that they showed in the competition. Apatte62’s creativity in applying science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic has impressed the judges. The team demonstrated how collaboration can result in extraordinary works, as conveyed by one of Shell executive leaders representing the judges panel for Asia.

The Apatte62 team comprises of Muhammad Alfian Ambong, Rayhan Nabil, Aulia Rahma Dieny, Rafif, Ezrha Pragiwaka, Devin Anindya Satyatama, Muhammad Reza Baramardhika, Calvin Fajar, Dwiagni Putra, Miftah Solahuddin, Fahri Fauzan, and Dr. Eng. Ir. Denny Widhiyanuriyawan, ST., MT as team supervisor.

“Thank you to Shell Eco-marathon for giving us the Spirit of Shell Eco-marathon award. We are really proud of this award, and we want to keep on contributing to wider communities with our further achievements,” said Apatte62 Team Manager Muhammad Alfian Ambong.

In the virtual competition, the video submitted by the Apatte62 team managed to depict their journey in developing a UV disinfection robot for room sterilization to contribute to the prevention of the virus that causes COVID-19 disease transmission. Their technology was considered successful in applying science that offers innovative solutions in facing challenges during the pandemic around the world. Moreover, the Apatte62 team continues to refine their robot technology to realize their aspiration to mass-produce it, so that the benefit may be felt throughout the country.

Shell Eco-marathon is an annual global competition for students who test their innovative ideas to answer today and the future’s energy efficiency issues. Adapting to the pandemic situation, this year’s competition adopted a virtual event format where participants can contribute by submitting a video content with max. 5 minutes duration to showcase their innovation and elaborate the ideas as well as development process behind their innovation, which should be recorded in an efficient, functional, and safe manner.

For further information, please contact:

Rhea Sianipar
VP External Relations PT Shell Indonesia
Email : seruni.sianipar@shell.com


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