Dian Andyasuri, President Director & Country Chair of Shell Indonesia said, “As a global energy company, we play a crucial role in meeting the world's energy needs, committed in increasing the economic growth, preserving the environment, and creating a positive impact on our community. With Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions, we want to invite all Indonesian youth who are creative and innovative in the energy sector to be involved in finding sustainable energy solutions.”

Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions 2020 was won by Ailesh Power, represented by Fano Ardansyah, CEO & Co-Founder and Cahaya Prautama, COO & Founder. The Jogjakarta based team received funding of 125 million IDR as an award for their achievement. “We are grateful for our achievement in this program, it is such an honor for us. The journey with Shell LiveWIRE forged us through the Bootcamp and mentoring programs, and pitching with critical questions as well as various inputs from the panelists. This is an extraordinary experience on the journey of Ailesh Power," said Fano Ardansyah.

Ailesh Power is a business that offers a waste-to-energy solution that converts organic waste into biogas, called Gastra. Gastra has a unique gas content that is low in carbon dioxide and rich in methane, which is of high quality, and at an affordable price for households, SMEs, and large-scale gas-based industries.

The runner-up was awarded to Forbetric, represented by Hasna Bachtiar and Siti Farah Mutia. They were entitled to receive funding of 50 million IDR. This start-up energy, ran by six young people from Bandung, offers Internet of Things (IoT) products that provide efficient energy solutions for various types of commercial and residential buildings. Forbetric provides convenience for its users to control and monitor electricity usage via smartphone applications and its products.

Dapur Pintar, a team from Surabaya represented by Ahmad Fahmi Rofiqi and Rifqi Nur Muhammad, is the 2nd runner-up, with a prototype service platform for buying and selling used cooking oil with an integrated system. They see an opportunity from the availability of used cooking supplies from households and culinary businesses to be utilized as raw materials for biodiesel industry. Dapur Pintar is entitled to receive 30 million IDR funding.

Pitching and Awarding Day

Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions teams offered a variety of energy innovations that applied energy conversion principles, such as transforming ocean wave energy into electrical energy to help fishermen in fish search and cultivation, converting domestic waste into an environmentally-friendly fuel such as biofuel, and turning cooking oil waste into biodiesel. The utilization of environmental waste into renewable energy can help to deal with various industrial disposal problems economically with low carbon emissions output.

During Pitching Day on August 5, 2020, the panelist team determined three winners based on six assessment criteria, namely the ability to identify problems; a business idea that can be realistically applied; ability to determine specific markets in accordance with business ideas; capacity of the participating teams in terms of skills, resources and access to technology; as well as readiness in delivering their business idea.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ir. Saleh Abdurrahman, M. Sc, Expert Staff for the Minister on Environmental & Spatial Issues, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources as one of the panelists said, “Seeing the business pitch of Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions yesterday’s pitching session has lifted the enthusiasm and optimism; Indonesia’s young generation is full of creativity and has great potential to contribute to Indonesia's renewable energy industry. They are able to identify problems in the surrounding environment, find solutions, and turn challenges into opportunities.”

Besides Saleh Abdurrahman, other panelists were Rachmad Imawan, VP Procurement Shell Indonesia; Pandji Prawisudha, Coordinator of Research, Innovation and Community Services, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Aerospace, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB); Yan Rezky Fahza, Director of PT Lima Ventura; and Tri Mumpuni, Director of the People Centered Business and Economics Institute (IBEKA).

Awarding Day – 6th August 2020

The winner was announced virtually by Tri Mumpuni, Director of the People Centered Business and Economics Institute (IBEKA). Dian Andyasuri, President Director & Country Chair, Shell Indonesia welcomed the winner and participants for their enthusiasm and active participation in Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions. For the winning teams, Shell Indonesia provides grants and cooperation with program’s partner, ensuring that the winners receive professional assistance and consultation to implement their business ideas.

The Awarding Ceremony started with a webinar titled "Young Entrepreneurs as the Change Agents for Indonesia's Energy Industry." The webinar is a part of Shell’s active contribution in educating the public and providing access to knowledge and information about renewable energy. As a part of commitment to strengthen the mindset and interest of young entrepreneurs in the energy sector, this session will also educate the entrepreneurs with insights on renewable energy business strategies.

Tri Mumpuni, Director of the People Centered Business and Economics Institute (IBEKA) as one of the speakers said, “As one of the crucial key elements in Indonesia's dynamic energy industry development, renewable energy is an attractive prospect for young entrepreneurs to explore. At the same time, it also has the potential to empower and improve the quality of our community's daily life. Becoming an entrepreneur in renewable energy is one option for them to become social entrepreneurs, where business activities not only provide profit to business owners but also provide benefits to society.”

This webinar invited energy experts and professionals from private and government sector as speakers, they are Eka Himawan, Co-Founder/Managing Director of PT Xurya Daya Indonesia; Eka Satria, Executive Director of Medco Power; Tri Mumpuni, the People Centered Business and Economics Institute (IBEKA); and Saleh Abdurrahman, Expert Staff for the Minister on Environmental & Spatial Issues, Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources (ESDM).

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The history of Royal Dutch Shell in Indonesia began more than 120 years ago, since its first oil discovery at Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra.

Today, Shell is thriving Indonesia’s downstream business sector as the first international oil company with more than 100 operating gas stations spread in Jakarta, Banten, West Java, East Java, and North Sumatra. Additionally, Shell owns and operates the fuel terminal in Gresik. Expanding our business in 2006, Shell started commercial, marine, and bitumen fuel business. Shell also provides lubricant products and related technical assistance to industrial, transportation, and mining sectors. From one milestone to another, Shell becomes one of the largest lubricant market shareholders in Indonesia, serving motor vehicle owners and customers from the industries.

In the upstream sector, Shell is a strategic partner of Inpex, the Masela PSC operator, which includes the Abadi gas field.


Shell LiveWIRE is part of a global Social Investment program that was implemented by Shell Indonesia in 2003, motivating young Indonesians to see entrepreneurship as a future career choice. Shell LiveWIRE conducts a series of training, business mentorship for young entrepreneurs in various business fields. In its journey, in 2019, Shell LiveWIRE transformed into Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions and focused its program on young entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector.