AXA Financial Indonesia provide Shell Indonesia, with a product called AXA Sahabat Sehat and AXA Care Protection, in offering protection to around 4,000 of Shell Lubricants partners (owners of car/motorcycle workshop, vehicle repair services, vehicle spare parts stores) across Indonesia, and are registered as users of Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE) application based on applied terms and condition. The insurance product provided is a micro insurance product that provides compensation benefits for death due to accidents that are worth up to Rp75 million and/or cash benefit due to illness or accidents worth up to Rp.800,000 with maximum 12 times claimed per year. The benefits would be doubled for coverage against cancer, stroke, and heart attack. All the insurance benefits are eligible for people of 18-64 years old, and valid for one year after they are registered.

Julien Steimer, Country CEO of AXA Indonesia explained, “As a market leader in the Health and Protection space, AXA Indonesia aims to enable all sections of Indonesian society to live better lives. In order to reach and protect the underserved and emerging segments, AXA in Indonesia through AXA Financial Indonesia is partnering with Shell to develop new distribution model. As we enter the new normal, collaboration across various industries to build new eco-systems and to offer innovative solutions will go a long way in uplifting society as well as reviving economic activities.”

"We appreciate the support provided by AXA Financial Indonesia to one of Shell Peduli initiatives through Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE) program. The program is the commitment of Shell Lubricants to support our partners, especially car workshop and mechanical community. We hope that free health insurance supported by AXA Financial Indonesia can be useful and relevant to the needs of Shell Lubricants partners," said Andri Pratiwa, Deputy Director of Shell Lubricants Indonesia.

Niharika Yadav, President Director of AXA Financial Indonesia said, " AXA Financial Indonesia offers a health and protection solutions to cater to the needs of different sections of the society. We committed to provide the best solution to empower people in Indonesia to have a better life. In one such effort, we support Shell Indonesia in providing health insurance product for Shell Lubricants partners. Now is the most relevant time for us to be reinforce ourselves as a solid protection provider to our partners and contribute to the society by providing our best proposition.”

Furthermore, Yanti Parapat, Director of AXA Financial Indonesia added, “AXA Financial Indonesia will continue to enhance our partnership ecosystem with various partners, including Shell Lubricants Indonesia, in order to bring insurance solution closer to the society. The partnership is expected to support customer participation in obtaining solutions of health protection. We are optimistic that the strength of wide network of Shell Lubricants Indonesia, supported by the ease of insurance digital process, will encourage more people to be protected by insurance,"

“AXA Financial Indonesia expects the collaboration with Shell Lubricants Indonesia to open wider access of insurance needs for all Indonesian people,” closed Niharika.