During this COVID-19 pandemic, Shell has kept distributing around 200,000 donation packages. #ShellPeduli packages comprising food, drinking water, vitamin and other health needs are distributed to healthcare personnel at COVID-19 referral hospitals in Jakarta, residents living near Shell fuel retail stations (SPBU) and Shell lubricants oil blending plant (LOBP) in Marunda as well as truck drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers and customers. The health packages distribution will take place gradually, starting in the third week of March.

Dian Andyasuri, President Director and Country Chair at Shell Indonesia said, “Amid government’s work-from-home (WFH) policy, plenty of people still have to work serving the public, including our employees at SPBUs, Shell LOBP in Marunda and our fuel terminal in Gresik. The workers, especially the healthcare personnel, online taxi drivers and truck drivers also have to work to help COVID-19 affected people. Through #ShellPeduli program that covers not only the frontline workers, we have also donated the packages to Desa Bersemi community that becomes Shell’s supported group in social empowerment program at Marunda LOBP. We have also handed over donations to the elderly people near the plant and residents near Shell SPBUs. We are doing everything we can to take part in COVID-19 spread prevention efforts. Hopefully, our donations through Shell business network can ease public burden amid this challenging moment.”

Shell has also activated a range of protocols to ensure its employees and customers’ safety. Shell has instructed over 300 employees to work from home in accordance with government’s suggestion, and sprayed all Shell’s offices and business operational properties with disinfectant. Shell ensured Shell’s businesses had remained in operation to keep meeting customers’ needs while prioritizing all employees’ safety and health, especially those frontline workers at Shell lubricants plant, fuel terminal and SPBUs including the partners who had supported Shell’s smooth and safe operations. Shell has consistently complied with government regulations related to COVID-19 spread prevention efforts by making sure the public service workers to wear personal protective equipment, like face mask. They also have to maintain a minimum physical distance of one meter.

Responding to global COVID-19 pandemic, Shell has provided contributions in diverse range of countries, custom-tailored to the specific needs of each country. Shell Canada, for instance, has activated #FuellingKindness campaign, in which the company is raising donations from employees and retirees to support local food bank, aiming to provide food to the public. In UK, Shell has distributed free sandwiches to the public. Meanwhile, in Netherlands, Shell’s chemical plant has shifted its resources to boost isopropyl alcohol production which becomes the key substance to produce hand sanitizer. “We hope #ShellPeduli will become the part of Shell’s initiatives in diverse countries, where Shell’s employees work together to do everything they can to help public in need,” Dian explained.