Jakarta: The upcoming first Virtual Bootcamp on 6-7 March 2021 marks the start of Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions 2021 which aims to build the potential of young innovators and entrepreneurs from Aceh to Papua in the new and renewable energy (NRE) field. The program consistently seeks Indonesian young entrepreneurs-innovators in the NRE field from various provinces. This year, there has been a significant increase in the variety of applicants’ origins with people from Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku, and Papua joining.

Rhea Sianipar, VP External Relations Shell Indonesia expressed her enthusiasm on the positive responses shown by the Indonesian young entrepreneurs-to-be. “We received more than 190 business proposals from various teams in 24 Indonesian provinces this year. This reflects the spirit of Indonesian young generation to continue producing brilliant business ideas in energy efficiency, which we expect will be able to answer various strategic issues in the energy sector.”

Since 2003, Shell Indonesia has been organizing Shell LiveWIRE to provide support through coaching, training, and funding assistance for novice young entrepreneurs who have run their business for a minimum of two years. The program has been reaching out to more than 7.000 young Indonesians. In 2018, Shell started to focus its support on young entrepreneurs in NRE, and rebranded the program to Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions. With the aspiration to reach even more potential young entrepreneurs across the nation, Shell organized three Virtual Roadshows with a number of speakers and Shell LiveWIRE alumni from the previous periods through November to December 2020. Aside from discussing knowledge and the latest development in the NRE field, the roadshow also offered an opportunity for entrepreneurs to realize their visions through Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions.

Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions is an entrepreneurship platform in the energy field for Indonesian young generation to develop their ideas and NRE businesses through various comprehensive business and management capacity building activities, which are necessary for novice entrepreneurs to manifest their ideas into a sustainable business.

The presence of applicants from various provinces has indicated that the interest in NRE business is ever-increasing among millennials. The NRE businesses that they develop not only have the potential to contribute to wider employment, but also support the Government’s effort in achieving a 23 percent energy mix by 2025, as well as stepping on the energy transition journey.

“The program is a form of commitment from Shell Indonesia. We wish Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions to be a platform for Indonesian young generation to develop a variety of embryos for clean energy solutions that are packed with benefits, surely not only beneficial for Indonesia, but also at global level,” added Rhea.

In 2021, the selection process for Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions is divided into two stages. The first selection stage assessed how their business ideas are able to offer solutions for the current and future energy issues, their motivations in participating in the program, and their competitive edges. From this stage, 76 applicants were selected to join the next selection stage.

The second selection stage takes place from 27 January to 14 February 2021. In this stage, applicants are to compete in convincing the judge panel by presenting their respective business ideas virtually through a 5-minute video. The result was announced on 22-23 February 2021, in which 36 participating teams passed the selection. The selected applicants will go through a Virtual Bootcamp comprising training, mentoring, and opportunities to build their professional network that may support the development of their NRE business ideas. They will also receive an opportunity to gain knowledge and the latest information on NRE from industry experts.

Adapting to the current pandemic situation, Shell LiveWIRE Energy Solutions 2021 will be held virtually to prevent the potential of COVID-19 transmission. The event format adjustment, however, does not diminish Shell’s passion in assisting young entrepreneurs to realize their sustainable business visions.

For more information, please contact:
Rhea Sianipar
VP External Relations PT Shell Indonesia
Email : seruni.sianipar@shell.com


The history of Royal Dutch Shell in Indonesia started over 100 years ago, following its first oil discovery in Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra. Shell today has a strong integrated downstream presence in Indonesia. It was the first international petroleum retail brand in the country. To date, Shell has over 130 operating sites in Greater Jakarta, Banten, West Java, East Java and North Sumatera. In 2006, Shell started its commercial fuels, marines and bitumen businesses in Indonesia. In addition, Shell has provided oil products and related technical support to the industrial, transportation and mining sectors. Shell is also recognized as one of the leading companies with the largest lubricant market share in Indonesia, serving motorists and industrial customers. As its investment commitment in Indonesia, Shell has established Shell lubricant plant in Marunda, Bekasi with production capacity of 136 million liters (120,000 tons) a year.

In upstream sector, Shell is the strategic partner of Inpex, Masela PSC operator which includes the Abadi gas field.