“Shell has set a global strategy to accelerate its transformation into a cleaner energy provider for products and services, supported by its growing customer-facing related business. We always want to provide our customers with products and services that they want and need – products with the lowest environmental impact. Our commitment is in line with the Government of Indonesia’s strategy to transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions. At Shell gas stations, we have provided our latest quality products and services, such as the high-quality Shell V-Power Nitro+ with Euro 4 standards, Shell Recharge for electric vehicle charging and Shell V-Power Diesel Euro 5 which will also be part of our new product range," explained Waqar Siddiqui, Managing Director of Shell Mobility Indonesia.

Shell V-Power Nitro+ has become available in the market since March 2021 as a response to the rapidly increasing vehicle technological development which in turn requires more suitable fuel. Shell V-Power Nitro+ is present at several Shell retail sites in DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Bandung.

Vanda Laura, VP Marketing for Shell Mobility Indonesia expressed her great joy with the positive response of customers to the presence of Shell V-Power Nitro+. "Shell Indonesia has launched the latest premium fuel product, Shell V-Power Nitro+. This product is suitable for vehicles with Euro 4 standard specifications and features Shell's flagship technology Dynaflex Technology. The presence of this new product complements Shell's portfolio in various fuel segments. We also conduct various attractive promotions for Shell V-Power Nitro+ consumers who own Shell ClubSmart by providing more benefits, such as a reward of 3 points for every liter of Shell V-Power Nitro+ purchases. In addition, Shell V-Power Nitro+ consumers can also get free nitrogen content as well as free deli2go coffee during the launch period on April 8 – 11, 2021. In the future, Shell V-Power Nitro+ customers simply exchange 5 ClubSmart points for nitrogen content so that customers remain safe and comfortable while driving," Vanda explained.

Furthermore, Vanda explained, Dynaflex technology owned by Shell V-Power Nitro+ has unbeatable clean power to protect the vehicle from deposits that reduce engine performance. In addition, the Shell V-Power Nitro+ makes the engine more powerful and makes acceleration faster. Shell V-Power Nitro+ products are suitable for high-performance cars with a compression ratio of 1:12, 1:11 compressed motorcycles and vehicles with activities that require more power and acceleration for a more enjoyable driving experience. To support a better trip, customers can also enjoy convenience store facilities and workshops with international standard services from integrated offerings at our Shell gas stations In its continuous pursuit for innovation, Shell has been working together with Ferrari for more than 70 years to create the best high-performance fuel. Ferrari's Scuderia team has used Shell fuel in Formula 1 races. In its development, Shell then created a fuel that could be used on the highway, the Shell V-Power Nitro+.

In addition to Shell V-Power Nitro+ that customers can now obtain at several Shell gas stations in Indonesia, Shell will soon launch a special quality fuel for diesel engines from the Shell V-Power product line, the Shell V-Power Diesel. This product has ultra-low sulfur content of 10ppm as mandated by Euro5 standards. For electric-powered cars, Shell has also provided Shell Recharge charging facility at Shell Pluit Selatan 1 gas station. "We are confident that the presence of Shell's new products will suit the needs of vehicles in the present and also in the future," Waqar concluded.

For further information, please contact:

Rhea Sianipar
Vice President External Relations Shell Indonesia
Email: seruni.sianipar@shell.com
Phone: +62 21 7592 4700
Fax: +62 21 7592 4679


The history of Royal Dutch Shell in Indonesia began more than 100 years ago with the discovery of the first oil in Pangkalan Brandan, North Sumatra.

Shell currently has a strong integrated downstream business presence in Indonesia. Shell is the first international oil and gas company in Indonesia to enter the retail fuel oil business. Currently, Shell has more than 140 gas stations in Jakarta, Banten, West Java, East Java, and North Sumatra. In 2006, Shell started its Commercial Fuels (commercial fuel), Marine (shipping), and Bitumen (asphalt) business in Indonesia. In addition, Shell provides lubricant products and technical support to customers in the industrial, transportation, and mining sectors. Shell is also recognized as a leading international company with the largest lubricant market share in Indonesia, serving bikers and industrial customers alike. Shell's commitment to invest in Indonesia and support the development of the manufacturing industry in this country is manifested by the construction of a Shell lubricants plant in Marunda, Bekasi with a production capacity of 136 million liters (120 thousand tons) of lubricants annually. 

In the upstream sector, Shell is a strategic partner of Inpex, the operator of the Masela PSC which includes the Abadi gas field.


Shell Indonesia not only creates quality fuels to promote cleaner energy for customers. Currently, we are also testing the Shell Recharge service, which is our first Public Electricity Charging Station (SPLU) at the Shell Pluit Selatan 1 gas station (North Jakarta).

Shell Recharge service at the Shell Pluit Selatan 1 SPBU is carried out using electricity supply from PT PLN (Persero). The presence of Shell EV Recharge is a testament to our strong commitment to always support the Indonesian government's agenda in providing cleaner energy.

Shell Recharge offers 50kW of charging with an average charging process of 0-80% in just about 30 minutes. With this service, customer waiting time is greatly reduced.