Through Shell Smart Pay program, you and your colleagues can now purchase Shell quality fuel with Shell Smart Pay vouchers. It is more efficient and secure way of controlling your company's expenses.

Register today to experience the convenience for your business fleet.
24 Hours support +62-21 9313 0800 or +62-21 7163 1800

How to participate

  1. 'Shell Smart Pay Registration' is simple, follow the link below
  2. Fill-out the registration detail. All fields marked with '*' is a mandatory field
  3. System will automatically ask you to create your 'Shell Smart Pay' user access. Please remember your password. Do not share it with any body else.
  4. After completing the process, system will assign you 'a customer number'
  5. After you have your user access or login access, please sign on
  6. You should prepare your company vehicle list with the format as shown in the table below (CSV format) before you start ordering ‘Shell Smart Pay’ vouchers.
  7. Please upload your vehicle list to ‘Shell Smart Pay’ system using ‘Manage Vehicle’ menu.
  8. Select ‘upload vehicle’.
  9. Select ‘order voucher’.
  10. Edit the ‘quantity of voucher’ to be ordered for each vehicle license plate.
  11. After you sure about your order, please submit your order.
  12. System will notify you about your order reference number. You should transfer fund equivalent to your total order to Shell’s account at SCB. If fund transfer arrived at Shell’s account after 3 pm, the order will be process the next working day.
  13. If you need further assistance on how to participate in this program, please call to our 24 hours call center support 021-72780570 or 021-92792703 which is managed by M Cashback Indonesia.


VehicleType VehicleBrand PrefixPlate LicensePlate SuffixPlate
Sedan BMW B 1111 HB
Sedan Nissan B 2222 XX
Sedan Honda B 3333 TT


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