Shell scientist on the Scuderia Ferrari Lab

Shell invests over 21,000 man hours per year to support Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1® , with over 50 technical staff involved in supporting the Formula 1® programme.

Can of Shell Helix Ultra and Shell V-Power

To date, Shell has powered Scuderia Ferrari to ten FIA Formula 1® Constructors’ titles and 12 Drivers’ Championship wins

hands holding a V-Power tube on a Shell lab

Each bespoke formulation of Shell V-Power race fuel blended for Scuderia Ferrari can contain over 200 different compounds.

Can of Shell Helix Ultra and two motorcycle helmets

Formula 1® engines can run in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius. It is the job of Shell Helix Ultra race lubricant to protect Scuderia Ferrari’s engines, even in these punishing conditions.

Shell lorry with V-Power products

All bespoke blends of Shell V-Power race fuel used by Scuderia Ferrari contain at least 5.75% of bio-components by weight.

Hand holding a sample tube of V-Power on a lab

The Shell V-Power race fuel used by Scuderia Ferrari contains 99% of the same types of compounds as found in Shell V-Power Unleaded road fuels available to customers worldwide.

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