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Fuel Price Effective

 1st March 2023 

Locations Shell Super Shell V-Power Shell V-Power Diesel Shell Diesel Extra Shell V-power Nitro+
JAKARTA IDR 13,990 IDR 14,890 IDR 16,000 N/A IDR 15,240
BANTEN IDR 13,990 IDR 14,890 IDR 16,000 N/A IDR 15,240
WEST JAVA IDR 13,990 IDR 14,890 IDR 16,000 N/A IDR 15,240
EAST JAVA IDR 13,990 IDR 14,890 N/A IDR 15,070 N/A
NORTH SUMATERA IDR 14,250 IDR 15,210 N/A IDR 15,400 N/A

 The above fuel price is the fuel price in the region that is aligned with government regulation