We welcome you to experience our global quality fuels at your nearest Shell station. Our pricing has been designed to fit with our aspiration to have you at our site. It will be our pleasure to have you to come over and enjoy our services.

Fuel Price Effective

24th January 2020

 Locations Shell Super Shell V-Power Shell Diesel Shell Regular Shell Diesel Extra
JABODETABEK IDR 10,250 IDR 11,700 IDR 12,100 IDR 10,000 N/A
BANDUNG IDR 10,250 IDR 11,700 IDR 12,100 IDR 10,000 N/A
JAWA TIMUR IDR 10,250 IDR 11,700 N/A N/A N/A

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Explore a world dedicated to Shell's performance enhancing fuels. Drive through Hawaii, hear Ferrari engines roar and even watch a plane refuel an Formula One car.

Shell Super Unleaded with Fuel Economy

*Dibandingkan dengan bahan bakar standar tanpa Shell Fuel Economy Formula. Hasil dapat bervariasi tergantung kondisi kendaraan dan cara berkendara