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We are committed to deliver energy responsibly and safely by protecting our employees, contractors, local communities, and the environment from harm.


The Road Safety Initiatives

Keeping the road safe is our priority at Shell and can be a big challenge. We are committed to always keep drivers safe, protected, and in good health on the road. Learn more about Shell's road safety initiatives here!

The Road Safety Initiatives

Our Goal Zero Ambition

Our Goal Zero ambition is to achieve no harm and no leaks across all of our operations. Everyone working for Shell strives to achieve this goal each day.

To achieve Goal Zero, we focus on the three areas of safety hazards which have the highest risks for our type of activities: personal, process, and transport safety.

These standards apply to all aspects of our activities, from designing a facility through to decommissioning a site or platform. They apply to our employees, our contractors and any joint ventures where we have operational accountability.

Learn more about our Goal Zero Ambition!

Personal Safety

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Safety is our top priority. Everyone who works for us, or with us, has an important role in making Shell a safe place to work. We expect them to comply with the safety rules and regulations relevant to their work, intervene to prevent unsafe conditions, and respect our colleagues and communities.

Learn more about personal safety here!

Process Safety

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Process safety involves making sure our facilities are well designed, safely operated and properly maintained to prevent leaks of hazardous materials.

More about process safety here!

Transportation Safety

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Transportation is one of the essential aspects of our business activities. Shell employees and contractors nearly drive 1 billion kilometers every year in more than 70 countries – this equivalent to 70 earth revolutions every day! Our road safety philosophy is focused on several risk factors, such as driver capability, vehicle condition, road conditions, and the local environment. We also seek to reduce the amount of mobility, because the safest trip is the trip not to be taken.

Learn more about transport safety at Shell.

Health and Welfare

Employee Health and Welfare - We believe that a good working and living environment helps to create safer and more productive work conditions.

Find out more about our efforts to maintain safety and the health of our employees and contractors here!

Product Stewardship

We produce and refine crude oil and natural gas into fuels, lubricants, and chemicals which are used to make many daily necessities. We always assure that our products are safe, starting from the production to the disposal. We call this product stewardship.

We evaluate our products to better understand and manage the potential health, safety, and environmental risks. We work closely with customers and suppliers, monitor any changes with science behind our products, and do research where it can help reduce risk further.

Learn more about product stewardship at Shell, and find the safety data sheet and product stewardship overview here!