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Shell For Indonesia

Realising Shell's commitment to play an active role as the nation's driving force, contribute to development in Indonesia, become a company that not only exists in this country but is also driven by the nation's children. We are here for the Indonesian people and have become an inseparable part of Indonesia.

Rehat Bareng Rimula

Rehat Bareng Rimula

Every month of Ramadan, the logistics activities will increase rapidly to ensure the availability of food for people throughout Indonesia. To assist truck and pick-up drivers in carrying out their duties, in May this year, Shell Rimula held a series of “Rehat Bareng Rimula” events at various main local markets, warehouse complexes, and truck terminals in Jakarta, Bandung, Tasikmalaya, and Surabaya.

Other than introducing the Shell Rimula lubricants products, truck and pick-up drivers who participated in this event also received the free vehicle and health checks. This activity aims to help drivers to make sure their vehicles are in good condition, and they are also in the best condition even though they have more strenuous activities during the month of Ramadan.

"We would like to give our highest appreciation to truck and pick-up drivers who have already played a major role in bringing food cargo for the community during the fasting month and Eid this year," said Mutiarini, Brand Manager of Shell Rimula Indonesia. “Therefore, we also would like to participate in efforts to maintain the health and safety of trucks and pick-up drivers during their busy times. This is in line with the commitment of the 'Shell for Indonesia' campaign to continue to provide positive benefits for the people of Indonesia," she continued.

'Rehat Bareng Rimula' activity provides the mechanic to check the condition of lubricants, brakes, batteries, tire pressure and also provides oil change services if needed. Also, health workers will check blood pressure and breathing. This activity also serves truck and pick-up drivers some massage chairs for free, to keep the drivers feel more fit before continuing on their trip.

The “Rehat with Rimula” event was held at eight main market points, warehouse complexes, and truck stops in four major cities in Indonesia. This activity is expected to help provide access to free vehicle inspection and health services that are beneficial for truck drivers in Indonesia.

driving safety exercises for bus drivers

Safe Driving Training

Entering the month of Ramadan, the transportation business will experience a surge in passengers due to the homecoming activities throughout Indonesia. As one of the largest auto-service companies in Indonesia with nearly 300 bus fleets and 400 drivers, PO Sumber Kencono strives to serve passengers greatly during the month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

In the preparation phase, PO Sumber Kencono in collaboration with Shell Indonesia held a Defensive Driving Training or Safe Driving Training which was intended for bus drivers. This two-day training consisting of theory and practice aims to provide important information regarding safe driving and a series of technical steps that must be taken when experiencing an emergency while driving, such as skidding due to slippery roads or failing brakes.

"Shell would like to participate in maintaining the security of homecoming activities during the period of Ramadan and Eid. Equipping bus drivers with driving safety training is very important because they have a big role in keeping passengers safe,” said Andreas Pradhana, Marketing Director of Shell Lubricants Indonesia. "This safe driving training activity is in line with the 'Shell for Indonesia' campaign which is committed to providing positive benefits for the people of Indonesia," he added.

Setyaki Sasongko, The owner of PO Sumber Kencono, added, “This safe driving training is really good to discipline bus drivers. After training, they understand how to drive better and safely.”

Shell actively conducts Defensive Driving Training with various transportation and logistics service providers who are Shell customers in Indonesia. This is done to foster a culture of prioritizing safety and security in every business activity and daily activity.

Shell Lubricants Indonesia mendonasikan total Rp.50,000,000 kepada Rancage

Waste Management Program

On February 21, 2019, Shell Lubricants Indonesia donated a total of Rp. 50,000,000 to Rancage for a training program and empowerment of women's groups involved in the integrated waste management activity 'Desa BERSEMI' (Clean, Healthy and Independent) which was carried out around Shell LOBP, Marunda.

This donation is a manifestation of the "Shell for Indonesia" campaign which was held at the Business Plan Cascade 2019 and Shell Distributor Conference 2019 on 20-21 February 2019 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta.

In this event, Shell Lubricants invited all employees and distributors who were present to buy Rancage handicraft products that were sold during the event. The craft, made from plastic waste and used newspapers,managed to attract visitors and was able to achieve a total sales revenue of Rp. 10,000,000,-. These total sales are then multiplied by five to be donated to the BERSEMI Village program.

GM Lubricants, Mrs. Dian Andyasuri, and VP Commercial Lubricants APME, Mr. Nick Chong submitted the donation to Mrs. Dini as the representative of Salam Rancage and Mrs. Sri Endah as the representative of Shell Indonesia's External Relations team who are responsible for the community development program of the BERSEMI Village. The program initiated by Shell Indonesia so far has given positive results for the environmental, social, and economic development of the community.

Salam Rancage is a MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise) that works by empowering the women's community to make various handicraft products from plastic and paper waste, which are then marketed locally and internationally. Through its activities, Rancage has succeeded in improving the standard of living of women in their local community by providing additional skills and income.

“PESTA BIWS” (Perkumpulan Bengkel Shell Terbaik Seluruh Indonesia)

Donation to 50 Workshops

January 23, 2019, Shell invited 50 of the best partner workshops in Indonesia to the “PESTA BIWS” (Best Shell Workshop Association throughout Indonesia – Branded Independent Workshop).

At the dinner event at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Kemayoran, Shell also invited workshop owners to participate in the "Donation Points" program, where a portion of the profits from the sale of lubricant products that night will be donated to victims of the tsunami in Banten and Lampung.

The “Donation Points” program is part of the “Shell for Indonesia” campaign, which is Shell Indonesia's commitment to always contribute positively to the Indonesian people through product innovation, collaborative projects, charity programs, and human resource development. Shell actively involves all of its business partners in the “Shell for Indonesia” campaign to create greater benefits.

At the end of the event, Shell and the workshop owners donated more than Rp. 165 million for the victims of the tsunami in Banten and Lampung. This total donation will be channeled through the non-profit organization "Habitat for Humanity Indonesia" in the form of shelters, clean water facilities, and toilets for refugees in Banten and Lampung.

Going forward, Shell will continue to strive to create a more significant positive impact through the “Shell for Indonesia” campaign.

Shell Rimula menyelenggarakan rangkaian acara “Rehat Bareng Rimula”

Free Vehicle Inspection

From January to February 2019, Shell Rimula held a series of “Rehat Bareng Rimula” events at various local markets, warehouse complexes, and truck terminal areas in Jakarta, Tangerang, Semarang, Bandung, Surabaya, and Medan. This series of events aims to introduce the Shell Rimula LD4 Extra 15W40 product which was just launched in September 2018. Shell Rimula LD4 Extra 15W40 is specially formulated for pick-up vehicles and light trucks.

One of the highlights of this “Rehat Bareng Rimula” event is the free vehicle engine inspection service for truck and pick-up drivers who purchase Shell Rimula LD4 Extra products. The mechanic on duty during the event will check the condition of the vehicle's lubricant, brakes, battery, tire pressure, and also provide oil change services if needed. During the implementation in six cities, there were as many as 300 trucks and pick-up drivers who relished this service.

The activities that have been carried out for two months are a manifestation of the commitment of the "Shell for Indonesia" campaign to always provide positive benefits for the people of Indonesia, including the "Unseen Heroes", namely those who have important roles in society, but are often invisible. . Going forward, Shell will continue to strive to support Indonesia through a range of products, services, and activities that benefit the community.