PT Shell Indonesia rolls out another round of Shell LiveWIRE “Business Start-Up Awards” (BSA) 2010.  This is an exciting event to search for start-up young entrepreneurs who will inspire many young Indonesians. Participation is open for potential and inspirational start-up entrepreneurs (from 18 years – 32 years) from Java and Bali, and registration is open from 1 February to 30 April 2010.

Shell LiveWIRE BSA is part of Shell Indonesia’s social investment since 2003. This program aims to build the entrepreneuriaal spirit of Indonesian young people as well as to reward the businesses that has flourished. Last year, Shell LiveWIRE program received accolades of Excellence Award for Best Corporate Sustainability for Community Development 2009 from Indonesian-Netherlands Association (INA). In addition to that, last year, five winners of Shell LiveWIRE BSA were also named as Best Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs of the Year by Business Week magazine.

Sjarifuddin Hasan, State Minister of Cooperatives and Small Medium Enterprises Republic of Indonesia stated that, ”The Ministry of Cooperatives and SME support efforts from all parties, whether corporations or cooperatives, in developing entrepreneurial spirit amongst public, especially young generations, as carried out by PT. Shell Indonesia through Shell LiveWIRE.”

According to Sjarifuddin, “Indonesia currently needs the support and availability of qualified young generation who are capable of competing, being creative and independent in developing our country to become a dignified and respected nation. The young generation must have a strong will to change and be interested and have the courage to become an entrepreneur. ”Steps taken by Shell Indonesia through this Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards is a real contribution from the corporate sector to support emergence of successful young Indonesian entrepreneurs in order to develop the Indonesian economy,” he added again.

Darwin Silalahi, President Director and Country Chairman PT Shell Indonesia, said, ”Shell is committed to contribute meaningfully to the communities where we conduct our business. With this spirit, we want to take a positive role in developing the Indonesian economy, especially in reducing youth unemployment rate. We hope that Shell LiveWire BSA 2010 will inspire and motivate young Indonesian people to act, create and benefit themselves and their surroundings.

According to the National Social Economic Survey (August 2009), from 113,83 million workforce, out of the 240,559 million population, around 104,87 million is employed while 8,96 million (7.87%) remains unemployed. Amongst the unemployed are university educated people. This is due to the mindset that university graduates should look for employment instead of creating employment.

According to this survey, the employed and semi-employed (97.1%) mostly work in the SME sector. This is supported by data from the Central Bureau of Statistics 2009, stating that there are 520,00 units of small enterprises, 39,660 units of medium enterprises and 4,370 units of large corporations. Therefore total entrepreneurs in the formal sector are 564,250 units or only 0.24% of the Indonesian population. Far from the ideal, this condition shows the strategic role of SME can play in eradicating poverty in Indonesia. Through events such as Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards, young people are challenged to create businesses and opening up jobs for employment.

The award for start-up young entreprenurs emphasizes on the aspects of: Entrepreneurship, Business Situation and Future Planning. For entrepreneurship aspect, the judgment includes: business idea, innovation, objectives and personal motivation. While for business situation aspect, includes: operating performance such as efficiency, sales and marketing, finance, human resources, technology and intellectual rights. The final aspect is on future planning, such as: long term objectives, strategic plan and opportunities for business development.

In 2009, more than 300 young people from Jakarta Greater Area, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Central Java, East Java and Bali registered for the Shell LiveWIRE BSA. This year, the committee expects a higher number of participants.

Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2010 will give a prize of Rp. 20 million per winner for maximum of 10 winners. The winners will also receive training and business advice as well as media exposure. Apart from the Business Start-Up Awards, Shell LiveWIRE also organizes training programs, business consulting and business discussion to assist and inspire young people to start their own business.

Persistence coupled with sound business advice, gives positive results. Take a look at Roihatul Jannah, with her product of child seat for motorcycles dubbed ”Helmiat Bonceng Bocah”, who grew her business extensively after winning the Shell LiveWIRE BSA. Mohammad Tholabuddin from Central Java with his taro chips variety, winner of Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2009, has also expanded his distributor networks to large cities all over Java.

As part of Shell International’s social programs, Shell LiveWIRE has been applied in more than 23 countries and has helped to develop more than 2,800 new businesses, as well as creating employment opportunities for 8,900 employees. Since it was initiated in 1982, the program has contributed to 1.3 million youths in growing their businesses and developing their ideas through information, advice and support.

Information about Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2010 can be obtained by visiting Shell LiveWIRE Indonesia website at or through

About Shell LiveWIRE 

Shell LiveWIRE BSA 2009 is part of Shell's LiveWIRE program by PT Shell Indonesia since 2003. Other than “Business Start-Up Awards”, Shell LiveWIRE also provides training, business coaching, and discussion to help and inspire youths who are interested in starting-up or developing their businesses.

As part of Shell International social investment program, Shell LiveWIRE has been implemented in in 23 countries and has helped developed more than 2,800 new businesses, as well as creating employment opportunities for 8,900 employees. Since this program was initiated in 1982, it has contributed to 1.3 million youths in growing their businesses and developing their ideas through information, advice and support.

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