In our support for young business start-ups in Indonesia, as well as our recognition to bright and innovative young entrepreneurs, Shell LiveWIRE has annually held Business Start-Up Awards (BSA); a business competition for young businesses and entrepreneurs in Java & Bali area.

10 Winners will receive a total grand prize with the amount of over Rp. 200 million, along with business coaching sessions from business experts for two consecutive years to develop their businesses.

If you fulfill the below requirements:

  • Aged between 18-32 years old by April 2010 (if the businesses are built based in partnerships, each partner also may not exceed the age range)
  • Indonesian citizen, with a business that operates in Java or Bali
  • Have run the business for at least 3 months and at the most 24 months by April 2010
  • Have never won any similar (entrepreneurship) competition in regional or national level

Then we invite you to participate in Shell LiveWIRE Business Start-Up Awards 2010! Simply complete the BSA 2010 registration form processes (Download the BSA 2010 registration form) and submit them along with a copy of valid ID cards and pictures of your business by Friday, 30th April 2010. Please note that all attachments may not exceed 1MB.

As additional information:

  • The judging process will not be based on the nature of industry from the business; size/scale of capital/assets in the business; or financial conditions of the business
  • Aspects that will be assessed includes entrepreneurial spirit; uniqueness of the business idea; value add and benefit of the business to the society; and business development plan
  • If the business is built based in partnerships, each partner have to agree to the business’ participation in BSA 2010
  • Only two persons (including the registrants) may represent their business in judging sessions
  • Juries decision are final and may not be altered

For further inquiries, please contact:

cc: or