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The Shell Group, in addition to this, has implemented a worldwide employee donation program to further support Japan’s disaster relief efforts.

Shell’s Country Chairman for Japan, Chris Gunner, said "Our hearts are heavy as we reflect on the thousands of lives lost and the enormous damage due to the earthquakes and the tsunami. Shell has been part of the Japanese community for more than 100 years. Financial support will not dull the pain of this tragedy, but it is important in helping to rebuild lives."

"Given the scale of this catastrophe and resulting human suffering, we want to do our part to assist with the relief and reconstruction efforts," said Shigeya Kato, Chairman of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K.

All Showa Shell Sekiyu and Shell employees in Japan are safely accounted for and Showa Shell’s refineries, marketing and distribution businesses are operational, apart from numerous retail service stations and a small number depots which were impacted in the Tohoku area. However, as a result of the earthquake and tsunami, and the nuclear power plant issues, Japan has suffered significant power generation loss, and refinery and depot shutdowns.

The shutdown of power plants in Japan and rolling power blackouts in the northern half of the main island, including around Tokyo, has seen an increase demand for imports of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other fuels. Shell and its LNG joint ventures are working with their Japanese customers to help ensure continuing and additional supplies of LNG into the country to meet these critical requirements. Since the time of the earthquake, six shipments of LNG from Brunei, two from Sakhalin and one diverted cargo from Nigeria have unloaded in Tokyo Bay, as well as cargoes to other locations in Japan, providing much needed gas supply. Further cargoes are expected to follow in the coming days.

In addition to the financial donation, Showa Shell Sekiyu has an emergency task force working with the Japanese government in prioritizing supply of petroleum products to the affected areas and maintaining the energy supply 'lifeline'. Its actions include:

  • Terminating the export of refined petroleum products, including gasoline and diesel, this month to strengthen supply to the domestic market;
  • Working around the clock to supply petroleum products to its service stations, and supplying other petroleum companies and government agencies in response to their requests;
  • Expanding its distribution capabilities in Tokyo by strengthening the deployment of lorries;
  • Providing food relief to the disaster area.

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