PT. Shell Indonesia launched today Shell Fuel Economy formula in all Shell retail stations in Jakarta and Surabaya.

“Following the launch of Shell Motor Express, Shell continues to bring innovation not only to provide unique customer experience but also to help our nation agenda on sustainable mobility. Shell Fuel Economy Formula delivers improved mileage efficiency out of every drop of fuel, and as part of this launch, Shell will also advocate consumers on good driving behavior which is equally important to get more mileage from our fuel,” said President Director and Country Chairman Shell Indonesia Darwin Silalahi in his speech at the launch of Shell Fuel Economy Formula. Shell has dedicated over 100 years of research towards making fuel as efficient as possible, reaching some significant milestones along the way. In 2006, Shell powered a world record for the “lowest round-the-world fuel consumption” in a standard vehicle, going around the globe on just 24 tanks of Shell Unleaded with Fuel Economy formula.

By using Shell Fuel Economy Formula and the right driving behaviour, consumers may experience extra mileage. As we know the right driving behaviour is equally important and critical for fuels efficiency consumption.

It is Shell’s first fuel product innovation in Indonesia since its presence in 2005 and part of continuous Shell efforts to provide service to Indonesia motorists and focus on the concept called QQS+

  • Quality (Trusted quality)
  • Quantity (Provide exact amount of liters as per customer request)
  • Service (A wholehearted service to Indonesian motorist)
  • Value for Money (Gives additional value to Indonesia motorist)

Shell Fuel Economy Formula launch will be supported via integrated marketing and site experience support, starting from Above The Line programs via newspaper, magazine, tabloid and digital communication. Below The Line programs are also planned and will focus on educating Indonesian motorists on the right driving behavior.

The right driving behavior is important to get more mileage from your fuel and as part of Shell Driver Education Programme, we will share tips to reduce fuel consumption – essentially good driver habits, such as taking unnecessary weight out of your car and regularly checking tyre inflation.

Shell hopes that by launching Shell Economy Formula, it will help improve Indonesia’s energy productivity and hence fullfil customers need for sustainable mobility. Through Shell Fuel Economy, Indonesian motorists could gain more value and encourage more others to shift from subsidized fuel. It is part of Shell’s active contribution in support of the Indonesian government plan to reduce fuel subsidy and help government’s advocacy for more motorists to migrate to non subsidized fuel.

All gasoline grades, Shell Super (Ron 92) and Shell Super Extra (Ron 95), will now be available with the new Shell Fuel Economy Formula.

For further information, please visit the following address:

For additional information, please contact:
Budiman Moerdijat
General Manager External Affairs & Communications
PT Shell Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 7592 4700
Fax: +62 21 7592 4688