Surabaya, 05 September 2012 – In a customers’ engagement program with Shell’s international distribution terminal, Gresik Distribution Terminal (GDT) in Gresik, Shell expressed its strong commitment to ensure customers in Indonesia enjoy high quality fuels and services.

GM Fuel and Lubes of Shell Indonesia Dr Johari Jalil said, “We work continuously with a selected group of resellers as our preferred business partners to develop new ideas and solutions to help our customers meet their current and future challenges.” Gresik Customer Engagement is the first time that Shell showcases the world-class distribution facility located close to Surabaya to ensure supply security, along with its processes and systems to assure product quality. This event reiterates Shell’s commitment to grow in Indonesia by building close customer relationship managed through our strong network and local resellers.

GDT has been in operation since 2009 on 5.6 hectares of land in Maspion industrial estate, Manyar, Gresik. It is a 60:40 joint-venture with Astratel Group which currently supplies Fuel Economy Diesel and Biodiesel B2 to all Shell Retail stations in Surabaya. It has six main fuel storage tanks with total capacity of 35,000 Kilo liters. GDT caters to customers’ need in East Java and Kalimantan.  Shell also has distribution terminals located in Merak, Pulau Laut and Pendingin.

Before 100 key customers and a group of media joining the GDT visit, Dr. Johari explained that Shell Commercial Fuels celebrates 5 years of success in Indonesia with continued investment in technology and innovation and delivery of superior fuel quality.

“The global demand for energy is increasing and the stresses on the environment are growing, creating new challenges for Indonesia. Fuel import into Indonesia from regional refineries will need to increase to meet growing demand for energy. Given that the regional product specifications is heading towards higher quality diesel, Indonesia customers will need to rethink its operational requirements to incorporate the benefits from lower sulphur and we are working with our customers to assist them to manage the transition,” said Dr. Johari.

Shell’s Product Quality Commitment

Speaking on Shell’s quality assurance process, Dr Johari explained that product quality is a top priority for Shell, second only to safety and integral to our management of environmental and health issues. “Shell as a company rigorously applies quality assurance systems to ensure that our product always meets product specifications and are ‘fit for purpose’. In this way, we aim for a reputation for fuel product quality and product stewardship that we can be proud of and that earns the confidence of our customers, partners and society at large”, he added.

To assist customers manage their costs efficiently, Shell provides fuels that are technologically advanced following decades of research and development by some of the best scientists from around the world. Shell Diesel is currently available in Indonesia and keeps the engine clean and free from deposits. Shell’s customer in Indonesia, PT Wavin is a good example of a manufacturing company which achieved cost efficiency. It saved up to USD44,000 per year from using Shell Diesel. “They reduced frequency and cost of engine overhauls and injector replacement. Overall they have been able to lower maintenance costs,” said Dr Johari.

Shell works with Local Business Partners

Shell is committed to work with local business partners and grow reseller business in Java. “We are happy to partner with Shell fuel resellers Inti-Lingga Sukses, Proenergi, Kutilang Paksi Mas, Astiku Sakti and Enersol located in Jakarta, Surabaya and East Kalimantan which are equipped with the set-up, product knowledge and deep understanding of local business needs to meet Shell’s aspirations for future growth” said Dr Johari.


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Shell in Indonesia

Shell shares a rich history with Indonesia that reaches back over 100 years through the discovery of oil well in Pangkalan Brandan (North Sumatera). Shell is the foremost player in the industrial lubricants market which provides a range of lubricant products that has been specially developed to fulfill the specific requirements of each industry such as mining, cement and electric power generator. Shell lubricants was the starting point of our downstream business in Indonesia, and it is now commanding the largest market share among the International Oil Companies. Shell lubricants remain a quality product of choice for customers and are active in both B2B and B2C markets with a long history of marketing to the Indonesian customers. The business is supported by 39 authorized distributors throughout the country.

Continuing the milestones, in 2007, Shell started its Commercial Fuels business in Indonesia, where Shell provide bulk fuels and related technical support to the Industrial and Transport Sector based on the principles of Technological Leadership, strong local presence and partnership for growth.