As part of a global Shell promotion, Shell Lubricants Indonesia held the “Shell Helix – Exciting Weekend at La Piazza!” from July 13 to July 15, 2012. Supported by Forza Supercar Club Indonesia communities and Meguiar’s, the event was filled with activities such as ‘Red Carpet – Valet Parking’, experimental games, free oil change service, various entertainments and a photography contest. Kuswantoro Pranabudi, General Manager Marketing Shell Lubricants Indonesia said, “The ‘Get Your Heart Racing’ global campaign program is one of the ways we appreciate Shell Helix loyal customers. We aim to build a better relationship with our loyal customers through this initiative”.

The “Shell Helix – Exciting Weekend at La Piazza” is part of the closing program of a global promotional activity called “Shell Helix – Get Your Heart Racing!” which was held from April 1 to July 7, 2012. This globally held challenge has a grand prize of a three-day visit to Italy.

Four lucky winners will be visiting Italy to conclude the string of events of the“Get Your Heart Racing” programme. Winners will be taking on a trip around Italy starting at Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, followed by a round trip in Milan, as well as taking in the scenery at the racing paradise known as “the Cathedral of Speed” – Monza city. 20 lucky Shell Helix customers have been chosen out of 100,000 customers in 12 participating Indonesian cities. These winners took part in the final selection phase on July 15, 2012, at La Piazza.

The candidates participated in activities designed to test their motoring knowledge and capabilities, such as a coaching clinic. At the end of the clinic, participants will be required to answer written tests, complete the engine assembling test within a time limit and identify the given clues in order to complete missing components. These tests will determine the winner of “Get Your Heart Racing” program.

The exciting event saw various games available at the Experimental Games area, including a car race simulator, kinnect race and remote control games at the Mini Moza Circuit. Visitors also had the opportunity to take part in the authentic Italian racing experience as organisers also provided a luxury car service program, suitable for cars on par with Ferrari. Maintenance programs such as Shell Helix engine maintenance and Meguiar’s surface maintenance were also available. Visitors also participated in a two-day photography contest, dedicated for DSLR camera users and non-DSLR, gadget users, where vontest participants were required to take macro shots of working Ferrari engine Block and Shell Helix.

Shell Helix with Active Cleansing Technology

Shell Helix is an engine lubricant with high technology, equipped with Active Cleansing Technology. Shell Helix is able to cleanse dirt and clog inside the engines, giving maximum protection, maintaining cleanliness and providing durability. Shell Helix ensures driving comfort and safety.

Shell offers a wide range of lubricant products suitable for various engine needs. For four-wheel vehicles, Shell Helix offers Shell Helix HX Ultra, Shell Helix HX7, Shell Helix HX5, and Shell Helix  HX 3. Meanwhile, Shell Advance variants for two-wheel vehicles are Shell Advance Ultra, Shell Advance  AX7, Shell Advance AX7 Scooter, Shell Advance AX5 and Shell Advance AX3. Shell also has Shell Rimula variants for diesel engines - Shell R3X, Shell Rimula R2 Extra and  Shell Rimula R2 40.

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