The cars named SAPU ANGIN 6 (SA 6) and SAPU ANGIN 7 (SA 7) were introduced on Wednesday (March 28), at Gedung Robotika ITS. The showcase was followed by test drive to demonstrate the performance of the two cars.

In SEM Asia 2012, which will be held at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia in this upcoming July, ITS will send out three of their best students teams to compete in three different categories. Sapu Angin 6 will participate in the Prototype class with gasoline as fuel, Sapu Angin 7 will take part in the Urban Concept class with a diesel engine fueled with Fame Acid Methyl Ester 100%, and Antasena will compete in Hydrogen class with Fuel Cell.

SA 6 and SA 7 are the latest generation of the Sapu Angin project that have participated in SEM Asia 2010 & 2011. In line with ITS’ mission in becoming an eco-campus, Sapu Angin is the authentic proof of ITS’ student capability in the automotive field to answer the challenges of future energy challenge.

"ITS has consistently established brilliant achievements in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia. We are very proud of Sapu Angin’s accomplishment to be able to defend the Grand Prize title for two consecutive years in UrbanConcept category for Internal Combustion Engine,” said Darwin Silalahi, President and Country Chairman of Shell Indonesia.

Darwin Silalahi also appreciated supports from various stakeholders which have pumped up the spirit of ITS teams, as he went on saying that “The overall support from the university as well as the people of Surabaya and East Java has developed a huge enthusiasm, which serves as an important factor for the success of the team. Youth innovations in encouraging efficient energy use and exploring the use of alternative energy are in line with Shell's commitment to face future energy challenges in a responsible manner. Shell Eco-marathon is a verification of that commitment, as well as an invitation for other institutions to also do the same."

Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Industrial Technology ITS Ir. Bambang Pramujati, M.Sc.Eng, PhD said, "The achievements and accomplishments of our students at the Shell Eco-marathon is an attestation that the quality of Indonesian student creations are no less than students of other Asian countries. In line with the mission of ITS to be an eco-campus and a research university, we will continue to support the Sapu Angin project to proceed in order to provide better solutions in response to the need for energy-efficient cars in Indonesia."

In the first SEM Asia in 2010, SA 2 successfully won two awards at the Combustion and Gasoline Fuel Grand Prize Award for the class of Urban Concept with a gasoline fueled Internal Combustion Engine that covers a distance of 237.8 km / liter. A year later at the same event SA won two titles, namely Internal Combustion Grand Prize and Alternative Diesel Fuel Award for Urban Concept with a diesel engine fueled by FAME, a biodiesel fuel with consumption of 149.8 km/liter.

General Manager of SA ITS 2012, Yoga Dwi W. said, "This year is our third year in participating in SEM Asia. We have set fuel consumption target of 2000 km/litre for SA 6 and 700 km/litre for SA 7. We are optimist that we can reach the targets we have set."

SEM Asia 2012 will be followed by 146 teams from 17 countries. In addition to three teams of ITS (2 from Sapu Angin and 1 from Antasena which will compete in the Hydrogen class), Indonesia will also be represented by 15 other teams, namely: Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) with 4 teams, Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) with 1 team, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI) with 2 teams, Universitas Indonesia (UI) with 3 teams, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta with 1 team, Politeknik Negeri Pontianak (PolNep) with 2 teams, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) with 1 team and Politeknik Manufaktur Negeri (Polman) Bandung 1 team.

About SEM

Shell Eco-marathon aims to inspire engineering students to develop new approaches to sustainable mobility and fuel efficiency. It is a major educational project that encourages and fosters innovation in which students work together to explore potential solutions to both current and future transport and energy challenges.

Shell Eco-marathon is a continuous educational project that challenges student teams to design and build the most energy-efficient vehicle to compete against other teams’ vehicles. The winner is the vehicle that travels the farthest distance using the least amount of fuel or energy. The teams will be competing in two main category based on their car design:

  • Prototype is for futuristic, streamlined vehicles that aim to maximize fuel-efficiency through innovative design elements.
  • Urban Concept is for more conventional four-wheel fuel-efficient vehicles suited to the needs of today’s drivers.
  • Teams have a choice of any of the following fuels or energy types to power their vehicles:
    • Shell Unleaded 95 (EU) / Shell Plus 89 (US) Petrol/Gasoline
    • Shell Diesel
    • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
    • Shell Gas to Liquids (100% GTL)
    • Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (100% FAME)
    • Ethanol E100 (100% Ethanol)
    • Hydrogen
    • Solar
    • Plug-In Electricity (Li-on)

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