Speaking in the 18th Coaltrans Asia 2012 in Bali, Shell expressed its strong commitment to delivering innovative product and service solutions to its mining customers in Indonesia.

PT Shell Indonesia’s Director, Dr Johari Jalil said, “We work continuously with our customers and technical partners to develop new ideas and solutions to help them meet their current and future challenges.” Coaltrans Asia 2012 is the annual meeting of Asia’s key coal industry players where the entire coal mining industry come together to discuss new challenges. 

Dr. Johari explained that the global demand for energy is increasing and the stresses on the environment are growing, creating new challenges for the mining industry. “The Indonesian Government’s Mandate on B2, 2% Palm Oil Methyl Esther (POME) and 98% fossil diesel is scheduled to start on July 1, 2012, means industry will need to rethink its operations and we are working with our customers to assist them to manage the transition,” said Dr. Johari.

Energy Saving Products

To assist customers manage their costs by managing fuel efficiency, Shell provides fuels that are technologically advanced following decades of research and development by some of the best scientists from around the world. Shell Diesel is currently available in Indonesia and keeps the engine clean and free from deposits.

PT Wavin in Indonesia has recently achieved cost savings of up to USD44,000 per year from using Shell Diesel. “They reduced frequency and cost of engine overhauls and injector replacement. Overall they have been able to lower maintenance costs,” said Dr Johari.

Shell is a leading supplier of lubricants globally (source: Kline) with a strong presence in the mining sector. Shell Lubricants is fully committed to providing lubricants and lubricant related services to the mining sector. With continuing investment in research and development, Shell Lubricants is working with mining companies around the world to increase productivity and reduce unscheduled downtime.


Shell is currently supplying Biodiesel B2 to all Retail stations in Jakarta and Surabaya since May 1, 2012. Speaking on biofuels, Dr Johari said,“Shell is one of the largest distributors of biofuels in the world and has sold more than nine billion litres of biofuels in 2010.  Shell is now investing in the production of the lowest CO2, most sustainable and cost effective of today’s Biofuels”. 

Energy Efficiency in Operations

Dr Johari Jalil also said, “During tough economic times with mining companies under pressure to reduce cost and environmental targets, Shell is well positioned to support mining companies because of our global reach and on-the-ground capability. Shell is a technology leader in product applications and we have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. This helps us to deliver cost-effective solutions with our cross-business approach covering fuels and lubricants for mining customers”.


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Shell in Indonesia 

Shell shares a rich history with Indonesia that reaches back over 100 years through the discovery of oil well in Pangkalan Brandan (North Sumatera). Shell is the foremost player in the industrial lubricants market which provides a range of lubricant products that has been specially developed to fulfill the specific requirements of each industry such as: mining, cement and electric power generator.

In 2006, Shell started its Commercial Fuels business in Indonesia, where Shell provide bulk fuels and related technical support to the Industrial and Transport Sector based on the principles of Technological Leadership, strong local presence and partnership for growth.