Students and Graduates

Students and Graduates

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Latest News and Features in Indonesia

Shell introduces new diesel engine oil Shell Rimula R5 E 10W40

Shell Lubricants Indonesia presents new diesel engine oil “Shell Rimula R5 E 10W40”. This heavy-duty diesel engine synthetic oil has five benefits: protection against corrosion from acids formed as fuel burns, protection against deposit, wear control, fuel efficiency, and enhanced oxidation control. This new Shell Rimula R5 E 10W40 is only available in Shop & Drive network nationwide.

For motorists

Shell fuels

Check out Shell's unique range of fuels and the technological expertise that goes into every drop.

Shell engine oils and lubricants

Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier and has a 70-year history of innovation. Explore Shell’s range of engine oils and lubricants for cars, motorcycles, trucks and more. 

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